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Mar 24, 2012 10:58 AM

Surprisingly good Indian food at the Burlington Mall...

Young Swank and I did some shopping this morning in Burlington and stopped for a quick lunch at the food court. I decided to risk it with Indian, and was delighted that I did. Gourmet India was terrific! Had chicken vindaloo, saag paneer, rice, samosa, and tamarind chutney. Big portion, under $10. Very spicy vindaloo. They have *tons* of choices (many varieties of naan, too!) and the food is a big step up from oily food court fare. Highly recommend it to any of you spring shoppers!!

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  1. I don't know if they were related but there was a Gourmet India in the Food Court in DTX. Agree and I was sad to see them go.

    1. Haven't been there in ages, but for a long time, Gourmet India had the only decent food in that mall. It has since been joined as a respectable place to eat by Blue Stove, the fancy restaurant inside Nordstrom's, but it's sit-down and pretty pricey.

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        I like the crepes at Appleseed in the food court, especially the Philadephia (thin sliced roast beef and cheese sauce). Not a traditional crepe but pretty tasty. Also they have a deal where if you buy one regular crepe (with nutella or another simple filling) you get a second one for a dollar more. One for Mommy, one for you...

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          Gourmet India is the only spot I'll visit in the food court, and I agree, I think it's quite good. But I think Blue Stove is one of the better restaurants in the Boston area, believe it or not, so when I'm unlucky enough to find myself at the mall without a giant Apple Store gift certificate, I normally have a few small bites there.

        2. They also have a location at the Prudential food court. Their pakora are no good at all, but everything else I've had there has been great.

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            Also locations in Quincy Market and Natick Mall.

          2. They also have a Natick location. Service wasn't very friendly last time I went, but the food was quite good. I'll deal with the so-so service. I haven't been to the Burlington location for a couple of years, but always had good experiences. It always surprised me that I could get good naan in a mall food court.

            1. agreed. they also have south indian specials on the weekend