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Red Medicine. Wow.

Went back to Red Medicine last night. Indulged in brussel sprouts in fish sauce (awesome with the 2010 JJ Prum Spaetlese "Graacher Himmelreich"), foie gras in foam and chicory "soil" (btw, one of the most beautiful dishes I've ever seen. On level with Manresa's and Arpege's garden presentations), roasted maitake mushrooms with snake beans, the addictive porridge with uni...my Red Medicine standbys. This time we added the Santa Barbara spot prawns served in a large crock pot of hot stones over cloves, cinnamon, bay leaves, lemon grass, and other aromatics. The body was peeled and cooked on hot stones. The head was deep fried for your pleasure. All of this was served with butter lettuce, Vietnamese mints, and pickled Vietnamese vegetables. Meant for about 4, but devoured by 2. Impressed or perhaps fearful of our gluttony, we were comped 2 desserts. These are easily the 2 best bites of 2012 for me (porridge consumed in 2011) and I'm not even a dessert fan. The first was a coconut bavarious, coffee gelato, and peanut croquant. This was a complete dessert with each component highlighting and elevating the next. The next was a game changer the way the porridge here is a game changer. A dish destined to be copied. It was listed as Green Gage plum with frozen cream, sorrel, elderflower, wild chervil. The dish was visually stunning in that it was stark white with the green of the chervil and powered sorrel contrasting. The stark white of the dessert was due to 2 types of meringue. The hard meringue was scented with kaffir lime. The soft meringue was lemon verbena. The description does not do the dish justice and I can find no words to describe how genius and delicious this dish is. It is as good as anything, any of the great chefs across the world have put out. I cannot remember a better dessert put out by Thomas Keller, Pierre Gagnaire, or Alain Passard and Chef Kahn deserves every superlative and more for this. It's what the desserts at Bazzar try to be and fail in terms of melding molecular gastronomy with dessert. And honestly, chervil with dessert? In your classic NYC vs SF vs LA pissing contest, I nominate Chef Kahn and Red Medicine as our champion.

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  1. Thanks for the writeup. I need to go back, I was too full for dessert my first time.

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      I was too full also but they insisted...I'm glad they did.

    2. Thanks porthos! Very descriptive review, I've been meaning to go to Red Medicine but sadly have not made it there yet... I so want to try the porridge and that spectacular merengue dessert!!

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        Porridge and the Gage plum dessert would be perfect. I highly recommend the foie gras also. It's not only a beautiful plate but delicious in a ridiculous number of ways.

      2. Finally made it out to RM earlier this week and agree that the uni porridge is fantastic, a must-get. I couldn't do dessert, too stuffed. I FAIL...and bow to the eating prowess of Porthos!

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          I couldn't do dessert, too stuffed.
          You were probably just saving room for a cheese cart! ;)

          1. re: Porthos

            You know me better than I know myself!

        2. Maybe it's just all the rain today, but I'm going to rain on this parade. It sounds... ridiculous.

          Larks' tongues; wrens' livers; chaffinch brains; jaguars' earlobes; wolf's nipple chips, get 'em while they're hot, they're lovely;

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            Yes, well, Mc Donald's and Olive Garden this is not...

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              jesstifer, what dishes have you had from Red Medicine?

              1. re: Peripatetic

                I haven't been. I merely said it sounds ridiculous. Don't get me wrong, I plan to go. I love a good ocelot spleen every now and again.

            2. Photos of the Gage Plum dessert and the prawns cooked on hot stones:

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              1. re: Porthos

                That dessert looks like something one would get at Noma in Copenhagen. And I mean that as a compliment.

                1. re: mrhooks

                  Check out UHockey's photo of the foie gras dish. Spectacular and delicious stuff.


                2. Entertaining a good friend from SF this week. Need to decide between Red M and Sotto. Never been to Red M, but really liked Sotto. Advice?

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                    In SF now. Never been to Soto. But I feel confident in recommending Red Medicine to my most discerning SF Chowhounds.

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                      Ate at both in the past few weeks, and without a doubt I'd recommend Red Medicine over Sotto. We were really, really impressed with the former, and left thinking Sotto is solidly good, but not special.

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                        Red Medicine is pretty noisy, right? Am planning to go there next week but now I'm wondering if it's too loud for a catch-up with a bff.

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                          My wife and I had a two top in the back up against the kitchen wall for an 8p res on a Saturday night and had absolutely no problems with the noise, or hearing one another.

                          That's not to say it is a library by any stretch, but it's not thunderously deafening like Comme Ca.

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                            Oh, awesome. That is really good to know. Thank you!

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                              Of course! Also, it's not like the restaurant was empty that night, so I really hope it works for your catch up. You might want to make a specific request, though, to sit back there ... and we had the corner spot, too, so only people on one side of us and then behind in the open floor. That might've helped, just FYI.

                            2. re: a213b

                              My wife and I were at Comme Ça last week and didn't find it deafening at all. Yes, there was music playing, but we had a lovely chat.

                            3. re: nickis

                              I found it very loud. Industrial space, high ceiling, hard everything. But the food is amazing.

                              1. re: jaykayen

                                Agreed. I sat against the wall, sort of facing the entrance. It wasn't impossible to carry on a conversation, but it wasn't nearly as easy as it was at, say, Hatfield's.

                              2. re: nickis

                                I haven't been to Comme Ca in a few years, maybe 4 years. But I thought Red Medicine was insanely loud. And I usually don't have a problem with loud restaurants (have a few drinks, raise your glass and your voice), but really, this was just too loud. When we left, we felt a sigh of relief to be met by mere Wilshire Blvd late night traffic was relatively soothing! I did not sit near a wall, but more or less in the middle. If you don't like loud restaurants, I'd suggest you request a table with this in mind when you make reservations.

                          2. Just went tonight. Everything Porthos suggested (foie, uni porridge, coconut bavarious, and green gage plum) was absolutely fantastic. But I have to add one more must have dish that they just added to their menu: Dutch White Asparagus with salsify, burdook root, spot prawn roe, on top of almond milk. This was a totally knock out surprise for my partner and I. Who would have thought: Sweet tender asparagus sprinkled with briny seeds of shrimp roe bathed in almond milk, providing a warm unctuousness that brings it all together. Red Medicine needs more attention, definitely one of my favorites in LA.

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                            1. re: projectcookie

                              Thanks for the heads up on the white asparagus dish. If you don't mind me asking how much was the food for the two of you (and did you come away "sated" in terms of your fullness level)?

                              1. re: Servorg

                                been to red med 6 or 7 times… tab is tween 70 to 150 for 2. (drinking? higher priced items? 150ish)… (lots of smaller plates/bahnmi/dessert? 70ish)

                                both are great ways to dine there by the way.

                                1. re: Servorg

                                  Everything altogether was ~$130 not including tip. We came away very satisfied. Ordered 4 dishes from the regular cold/hot items and 2 desserts. By the time the desserts came, I was already really stuffed. The porridge with Uni is pretty substantial. If you get that, you could theoretically get away wtih only ordering 3 items for the main meal.

                              2. I will be in town for work by myself for one night this Sunday. Is this place comfortable for the solo diner? If I do the porridge with uni, the brussels sprouts and the green gage plum dessert, will that be too much? I am a guy with a good appetite but not a glutton.

                                The other place I am considering is Salt's Cure in WH. Thanks.

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                                1. re: EssexHound

                                  that is not too much food.

                                  large bowl of porridge
                                  side dish

                                  1. re: FoodHasTheRightToMe

                                    Thanks - is it a comfortable place to eat solo or am I better off elsewhere?

                                    1. re: EssexHound

                                      usually solo diners at the bar every time i go. they have appropriate tables to sit at as well. knowledgable bartenders. when you walk in just decide if you want to be there or your reserved table.

                                    2. re: FoodHasTheRightToMe

                                      The bowl of porridge itself can pretty much fill up one person.

                                    3. re: EssexHound

                                      This may sound silly cuz I dont know my porridge, but is it made with butter/cream?

                                      1. re: BSW6490

                                        seems like it depends on the recipe. i think it does not traditionally call for either of those ingredients…but i saw a few recipes online with butter, so i would ask staff if its allergy related.

                                        if it helps..

                                        1. re: BSW6490

                                          The Red Medicine porridge is made with echire butter. It's listed as an ingredient. That's what makes it so ridiculously good.

                                          1. re: Porthos

                                            It's like a mild, over-cooked risotto. I enjoyed their porridge, but compared to a great risotto? Like the black truffle/tete des moines risotto I had at Maison Giraud a month or two back? Much prefer the latter. Out of the ballpark big flavor with depth that goes to bedrock.

                                            I also made the mistake of stirring all the uni into the porridge (as suggested by our server). Uni is a delicious but very delicate little piece of oceanic paradise. And very difficult to pair in food and not get lost. I'd say pay an extra 10 bucks (on top of the extra 10) and get double portions. Then take them off, mix up the porridge, add to the top, and take a nice spoonful with a full uni on it.

                                            1. re: foodiemahoodie

                                              I don't stir. I like to eat the porridge and combine it with as much or as little of each ingredient on the spoon itself. For example, the uni I'm eating whole in 1 bite with a little porridge. The duck yolk I break and drag through the center of the porridge so I can adjust the amount of yolk I get with each bite. That way I can taste the porridge with the richness of the yolk. Maybe on my next bite I add a little of the chopped hazelnuts with the yolk, then without the yolk. Then I try to combine my second bite of uni with a little egg yolk and a sip of Riesling. This ensures that each bite is different and keeps things interesting. I agree, it would be a shame to stir it all together and lose the taste of such wonderful ingredients.

                                              Take away that black truffle from your risotto or add black truffle to this porridge and it's no contest ;)

                                      2. just noticed ANOTHER new dessert (birch ice. almond praline. green almond. red currant. jasmine) listed on their dessert menu. i'm gonna try to go tonight.

                                        thats 2 new dishes i can try! EXCITED!

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                                        1. re: FoodHasTheRightToMe

                                          Wow is right. I tried Red Medicine last night and was blown away with their food. Super inventive Asian/Viet fusion done very deliciously. Our party of 2 sampled the Brussels sprouts, chicken dumplings, pork, Akuashi beef and the green Gage plum dessert

                                          The Brussels sprouts were absolutely delicious with great presentation. Extremely flavorful , they tasted like they were deep fried first then tossed with nước chấm (Vietnamese fish sauce) and caramelized shallot. The white shrimp chips and basil leaf topping were a nice visual and taste contrast to the deep, almosty meaty flavor of the sprouts. We loved the basil so much with this dish we asked for more and they obliged

                                          The chicken "dumplings" arrived next. Dumplings is a misnomer; these were actually wonderful chicken meatballs artfully presented in a dimpled white serving tray with various Viet-style condiments to add and wrap up in butter lettuce leaves. Once wrapped up, they reminded me of gourmet Viet imperial rolls without the fried rice skin wrapper. The chicken meatballs were wonderfully crisp on the outside and juicy in the middle and had wonderful layers of Viet flavors and lime notes

                                          Next came the pork (pork shoulder), another hit. The caramelized black vinegar and goji berry sauce gave a gorgeous lacquered black coat over perfectly cooked pork shoulder. The flavor of this pork was so good, we asked for jasmine rice so we could mix up and get every bit of the flavor

                                          Our last entrée was the Akuashi beef with crème fraîche, cashew, and charred cucumber. When the dish arrived, we were so intrigued by all the great stuff going on the plate between the cream, bits of cashew and charred/pickled cucumber. Again, the meat was gorgeously cooked to a medium rare and all the different Viet/European ingredients worked so well. Outstanding

                                          The only thing I was not blown away by was the green Gage plum dessert. It was pretty to look at and very inventive with elements of molecular cuisine, but I thought it had a little too much going on and wasn't actually sure what I was eating. I was expecting something more like a simple sorbet or ice cream but this complex dessert was very ethereal and light, with multiple flavors of light custard, sweet herbs and flowers and fruit. I think this would have made a better palate cleanser than a full on dessert

                                          My only complaint is that the pacing of the meal was a little off. Our small plates (sprouts and chicken dumplings) arrived quickly but there was a long 15-20 minute gap before we received our larger plates (the beef and pork). The food was so delicious though, I can't wait to come back again!

                                          1. re: Ernie

                                            Stellar descriptions! That complexity and lighness is exactly what I love about the Gage plum dessert. If you like your desserts rich and sweet, try the coconut bavarois next time. Still a lot of complexity with rich chocolate and peanut butter to soothe your sweet tooth.

                                            1. re: Porthos

                                              That Bavaroise is just a devastatingly amazing dessert.

                                        2. Went to Red Medicine last night for an OpenTable reservation at 8pm. The place was not full, but the noise level was high. Over the meal it subsided a bit.
                                          We were led to a table just bordering the open kitchen. I did not know it at the time, but chef Jordan Kahn was visible all the time - plucking flowers from the pots to finish the dishes. I did notice his hairstyle and right now when I looked at the LA Magazine's story on him - http://blogs.laweekly.com/squidink/20... - then I realized it was him.
                                          We ordered two cocktails - my wife's was 9.1 - Batavia Arrack van Oosten(did not know what this is - the waiter explained it was Indonesian sugarcane rum), Tamarind, Demerara, Lime - shaken and served up with condensed milk foam and black lime (what is that?) - this tasted OK, but my wife's biggest complaint was for $10 it was not a decent portion.
                                          Mine was #61 - Sombra Mezcal, Zapopan Blanco Tequila, Orgeat (what again is that?), Grapefruit, Lime, Cream Soda, Angostura Orange Bitters - shaken and served in a soda glass over crushed ice with an orange slice. Part of the fun for the evening was trying out things that we normally don't have, and that included ingredients that we had never heard of. While this came in a tall glass, there was too much crushed ice. Our opinion was that the cocktails, while they sound very interesting, were not good values.

                                          We chose two small plates, two hot dishes, and a dessert to share, and that was plenty of food.
                                          Small Plates:
                                          First out was the Chinese Lion Peppers / almond skins, honey, soy, violet basil, dates. This was superb - perhaps 10 or so of these beautiful peppers that were not hot at all, lightly fried (or were they baked?), covered with a light coating of something that tasted nutty - so it must have been the almond skins and soy beans mixed with honey and then made into a coarse textured powder. It came with violet basil crisps, dates that were very yummy. Excellent first dish.
                                          Next out was the Pork Rillette / crispy chicken skin, lychee, clove, pistachio, spicy herbs. It came with several toasted crisps on which to spread. The rillette pit was covered with cilantro flowers - and starting with this, we noticed that a lot of the herbs had a slight whiff of fish sauce. I wonder it that was what was meant by "spicy herbs". This was not one of our favorite dishes - I could not detect lychee, or the clove.
                                          The first Hot plate was Lamb / glazed in tamarind, hibiscus onion, Swiss chard, black currant. This again was a hit. Crisped to perfection because of the thin cut, the glaze was amazing, as were the Swiss chard, which was cooked to a crispy perfection. The hibiscus onion tasted like the pickled onions we get in restaurants in India, and there were also some very nice sliced pickled vegetables.
                                          The next Hot plate was Pork / caramelized black vinegar, goji berry, spring onion, dried almond. This was also very good. The crisped surface was amazing, and the interior fell apart. Not sure about the goji berry - which perhaps were the dots of sauce, but the dried almond could have used a small amount of flavoring to perk up - like in the Lion Peppers dish. Still a fantastic dish.
                                          We were considering the Alaskan Halibut, and I tried to temp my wife with the sweetbreads, but she nixed that idea! :-(
                                          For dessert we were tending towards the Green Gage Plum, till we saw our next table get the Birch Ice and it came with its own ceremony. Sold! Birch Ice / almond praline, red currant, green almond, jasmine - came in a bowl with the almond praline cover. Once you break into it, you get a very nice whiff of jasmine - and then you dig in. The dish was visually nicer than the taste - for me the slight tang of the ice did not mesh with the sweeter currant. My wife loved the green almond and the currants. This dish had Grant Achatz and Alinea written all over its pedigree.
                                          Since Kahn was in the kitchen, I managed to get a signed menu. This is my second after the recent DinePasadena experience in The Terrace.
                                          Overall it was a very nice dinner. Have to go back again with friends.

                                          1. The food is good but didn't the noise bother you? I could not hear the person I was sitting across from.

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                                            1. re: flowergirl

                                              I went for the first time recently on a Friday night and didn't have a problem with the noise. It's definitely on the louder end as far as restaurants go, but I didn't feel like I had to talk in a raised voice and I could hear my friend and the staff just fine. I'm used to loud restaurants but my friend rarely goes out and she thought it was fine too.

                                              1. re: flowergirl

                                                Never had a problem with the noise at peak Friday night hours. But then again, some people complain bitterly about the noise at Mozza and I've never had a problem there either in 40-50 visits. Busy restaurants make busy restaurant noises :)

                                                1. re: flowergirl

                                                  Yes, the noise bothered me. It is the noisiest restaurant I've been to in years. I usually don't have a problem with this - in fact I kinda like it - have a few drinks, get a little tanked, let your hair down, and step up the volume. It's a party! But...

                                                  ...when I went I wasn't in the mood to drink, and seated near the middle of the place - I found it intrusive. I liked the food - the presentation was quite inventive and fresh. The taste? I enjoyed everything, but I didn't get the food orgasm from any of the dishes. Maybe I should give it another chance. Hm. Or instead I could go back to, say... n/naka again? Right now, I'm leaning heavily toward n/naka. Or a few other places.

                                                  1. re: flowergirl

                                                    I wonder if it depends on where you sit. My table was against a wall (although my seat wasn't) and I noticed above that someone else who didn't have a problem with the noise was also against a wall.

                                                    Maybe the middle of the restaurant is noisier.

                                                    1. re: flowergirl

                                                      We were seated against the wall of the open kitchen. On one side was a quiet 2-top with two gents, and on the other side was the entrance to the kitchen. So the noise was not bad.
                                                      In contrast, we had a really bad experience at Spice Table - the noise gave both of us headaches.

                                                    2. Will make sure get dessert next time, thanks.

                                                      1. I really enjoyed my first meal at Red and am going back next week. Last night I was with a good friend who had gone and was not happy. Apparently, a group of four ordered the prawns dish at $MP. The server neglected to mention that it was $110 for a handful of shrimp which they found shocking. They also, felt the pacing was rushed which was something we also experienced.

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                                                        1. re: BSW6490

                                                          This happened to me - but I was with a date. So $110 for two - with one course was definitely steep. When I took the lid off the basket I thought "Generous portions" until I got the check, then I realized I'd adequately paid for those portions. Nothing remotely generous about it.

                                                          I did like the presentation - the Santa Barbara prawns, splayed out on the rocks was like the Sirens, naked, fleshly, beckoning you to come hither with their infectious song.

                                                          That was the presentation. Then you got the bill! Dashed on the rocks!

                                                          1. re: foodiemahoodie

                                                            The portion isn't meager. It's a lot of rock shrimp and rock shrimp heads. I took a photo and counted 7 fried heads and 15 tail pieces. You'd pay about $5-$10 per shrimp at a sushi bar for live sweet shrimp so the pricing works out to be right in the middle of that range. I think it's meant to be shared amongst 4 like all the other large format dishes. But yes, it is steep divided by 2. Then again, you could just make a meal of that and the porridge.

                                                            1. re: foodiemahoodie

                                                              I almost think its better for 2. At least you get something a bit substantive to eat. With 4 its a very expensive nibble. Did the server tell you the price when you ordered?

                                                              1. re: BSW6490

                                                                I asked and was told it was for about 1.5-2lbs of shrimp if I remember correctly. I always ask for the price for things listed as "MP" or for any "special" appetizers or entrees (especially ones adding truffle or caviar).

                                                                I agree 2 people if you want to make that your main meal and supplement with the porridge, 4 if you still want to order all the other delicious stuff on the menu.

                                                                1. re: Porthos

                                                                  Hm. Your pic had a more generous portion than my memory. I remember more rocks (my memory version was a little prettier).

                                                                  1. re: foodiemahoodie

                                                                    It is much prettier and more poetic in person. Unfortunately it is an iPhone pic and doublely unfortunate my photo skills are not anywhere near JL's or Percepor's.

                                                                    1. re: Porthos

                                                                      Those are some expensive looking prawns!

                                                          2. A little update. Went last night. Had the:

                                                            Charred Uni with plantain, cauliflower custard, chinese sausage, garlic. Dish was such a odd mix of ingredients it couldn't possibly work but it did. The plantains at the bottom ended up tasting like mushrooms possibly from the black garlic? Every unusual but good

                                                            Hokkaido scallop cured with kaffir lime, turnip, whey, verbena. A striking dish in white with some green. The flavors where excellent with the kaffir lime and verbena lending a nice brightness to the sweetness of the scallop.

                                                            Toasted grains mushroom pudding, egg yolk, duck broth, hazelnuts, chanterelles. Delicious and I would have loved it...IF I wasn't dreaming about and lamenting the loss of the uni porridge. I don't know why it was removed from the menu but it is a cruel loss.

                                                            Santa Barbara prawns over hot coals. Expensive but generous in size and absolutely delicious.

                                                            Too full for dessert.

                                                            Please bring back the uni porridge.

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                                                              1. re: JAB

                                                                It wasn't BBQ :)

                                                                Speaking of which, picking some up from Rancho to go BBQ in about 2 hours.

                                                              2. re: Porthos

                                                                Sacrilege! Going to Red Medicine and eschewing the desserts?!

                                                                1. re: J.L.

                                                                  Getting old. 2-lbs of BBQ for lunch slowed me down!

                                                                2. re: Porthos

                                                                  Let's get a campaign going for the porridge. My fav dish of 2012 and l will be back in a few months to hopefully do it again.

                                                                  1. re: Delucacheesemonger

                                                                    I agree. It should be criminal to remove something so good from the menu.

                                                                3. A little update.

                                                                  Went back tonight. It's as good as ever. Our guest from Madrid was astounded by the cuisine and commented no less than 4 times how amazing the aubergine (eggplant) was. He remarked how much talent it takes to combine such daring flavors and work such magic with vegetables. I agree completely.

                                                                  We had:

                                                                  -Brussel sprouts with fish sauce. Again, the deep flavors here created by using fish sauce exceeds any pork laced version in town. Crispy in texture, highlighted by the mint.

                                                                  -Dutch white asparagus with almond milk, black sesame paste and meringue of onion and sake lees. I love white asparagus. The herbs added a touch of bitterness. Everything was delicious. Then you mix it with the black sesame paste and another completely different dimension of richness and flavor comes forth.

                                                                  -Charred uni on cauliflower custard, chinese sausage. As delicious as it sounds. But then you taste the fried seaweed, and notice there are bits of roasted sweet potatoes in the chinese sausage. Sweet, brine, toasted seaweed, salty sausage, and caramelized sweet potato. The layers and depth are much more than meets the eye.

                                                                  -Indian eggplant with spring peas and sunchoke skins. Sounds simple enough unless you try counting all the ingredients in the dish. The herbs, the malt and garlic bits that taste like bits of meat, the radish rolled in chicory (I think) to mimic dirt. There are fried sweet potato chips, pea puree dusted with green tea, and guacamole puree. There are delicious pea leaves scattered throughout. The most complex and delicious salad in town. Wait a minute, sweet potato chips and guacamole puree...is this a tongue in cheek chip and dip?

                                                                  -Raw diver scallops with radish, rambutan, and whey. Initially, just very nice raw scallops. But if you eat it with the slightly acidic radish disks, everything changes.

                                                                  -Heritage pork belly. An amazing glorious slab of tender pork. The skin portion in contact with the griddle was crispy and caramelized. Those looking for something substantial and for something to sink their teeth into need look no further than this dish.

                                                                  -Beef Brisket. I had asked for a portion in advance when making the reservation on Opentable. They were so busy this week they sold out and when they went through the reservation notes this afternoon, realized it, called to apologize profusely and then made one in the same fashion with some remaining portions of brisket and some lamb. This was complimentary. A tremendous gesture and above and beyond what was expected.

                                                                  -Coconut bavarois. Always delicious for those that like their dessert a bit sweeter but not too sweet.

                                                                  -Green gage plum. As you can see by the photos, a completely different rendition from last year. I asked about the interesting "crust" surrounding the dessert. I thought it was marzipan, my sister thought it was graham cracker. It tasted like a combination of both but was neither. We were told it was yellow clover and a technique discovered/invented by the chef during his French Laundry days. It is beyond my comprehension. All I can say is that it is delicious.

                                                                  The cuisine here is like fine art, music, or poetry. You think you know it until you try it again. Each time it's slightly different. You think you understand it and then realize there is something much deeper. Red Medicine is truly special.