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Mar 24, 2012 08:54 AM

Clancy's Mid Town Dogs - New Smyrna Beach

Being from suburban Detroit and a real coney dog fan for years, I've been looking forward to Steve Clancy's Mid Town Dogs opening in New Smyrna Beach. A friend whose opinion I trust reported that the Chicago Dog was true to the original so I was anticipating the coney (chili) dog offerings. Here's what I found - the dog was good, larger than the traditional Detroit size or type but very acceptable, the chili was spicier that most found at my "home" coney islands but actually quite good. Now for the bad part - the dog is bigger than usual, and with a load of chili on it, the bun used isn't up to the task. My dog bun split even before I could pick it up and it ended up being the single messiest food offering I've ever tried to eat. I needed a knife and fork to eat it and unfortunately, none were to be seen.

Maybe I was hoping for too much but I don't think I should be expected to need a hosing down after trying to eat a hot dog.

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    1. re: riffjamer

      The hot dog place is on the mainland on US1 on west side just north of Washington. Don't confuse it with the Clancy's Cantina on Flagler on the beachside.

      1. re: Wakeley Bridge

        no mistaking the 2
        will give it a try