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Mar 24, 2012 08:53 AM

Sour Cherries

Anyone know where I can buy frozen sour cherries? Hankering for a pie.

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  1. I've been wondering about this for a long time. Grew up in Detroit, and we had a Montmorency tree in the back yard. We would freeze about 20 quarts of cherries every summer, and my mom would make pies throughout the year. I've never understood why it's so hard to find frozen sour cherries.

    1. The Oakmont produce market in Mountain View has them. Don't remember the price though. The market's at Central AVE and Moffett Blvd. Good luck!

      1. In the Boston area, we get them frozen from Poland and Hungary at a Russian-oriented supermarket - and they are awesome.

        1. Rose Market in Mountain View had boxes of fresh sour cherries last year about this time. Might be worth a call...

          1. It's very hard to find frozen sour cherries anywhere, even Michigan. You can substitute dry cherries just compensate for the sugar added to them. And don't even try to find unsweetened dried sour cherries because they are tasteless.

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              The unsweetened dried tart cherries available at C.J. Olson in Sunnyvale are wonderful, and the furthest thing from tasteless. I'm not a pie baker so I don't know how they work in pies; I use them in savory dishes like Persian rice dishes and for snacking. They have sweetened dried tart cherries too.

              I'm a Michigan native and these make me very happy. Now if I could ever find those black sweet cherries they grow near T.C. out here...


              1. re: mdg

                I'm living in Virginia these days and I never buy sweet cherries here because they just can't compare to Michigan (TC) cherries. It's sad, but also true of the apples here. Michigan is a true fruit basket state.
                Are you sure that those dried cherries at C.J. Olson are actually unsweetened? Most dried cherries are dried with some sugar added, unless it specified they are unsweetened they probably have sugar on them. Let me know please because I'm always looking for good unsweetened ones.

                1. re: GailC

                  Yes, these are unsweetened. Olson sells both sweetened and unsweetened dried tart cherries. You can order the unsweetened ones at


                  The Santa Clara Valley is one of the world's best areas for growing stone fruit, as the few remaining orchards like Andy's demonstrate. Olson's fresh Bing cherries from the Sunnyvale orchard are my favorite sweet cherries of all, even more so than the Michigan sweet cherries (which I like a lot).