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Mar 24, 2012 08:47 AM

Been to Copp and Neptune - worth a second visit?

A few years ago, we visited and by far, thse were our two fave places to eat with Gaslight being third.
We would go again, but is there other restaurants we should co nsider swapping out for similar cuisine.
Ie: Atlantic instead of Neptune?
Will be in the north end for a feast but will have a car.

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  1. Island Creek Oyster Bar instead of Neptune

    1. Coppa and Neptune are both as good as they've ever been, which is to say, they're two of my favorites in town. Atlantic is good of its kind, but not in Neptune's league. I agree with Carty's rec: if you're looking for a Neptune alternative, ICOB comes much closer. For something else new, you might give Trade a spin; I've called it a cross between Oleana and Coppa: eclectic pan-Med influences, lots of small plates, good flatbreads.

      1. It seems that Mare is rebranding themselves as an oyster bar. I haven't been yet, but it looks like a nice alternative to Neptune.

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          Unfortunately Mare's rebranding is a bit of a let down. It's still more of a sit down place and the oyster selection is unimpressive. They still have a great grilled octopus appetizer, but for the most part their menu is largely unchanged -- good seafood pasta dishes & steaks. It lacks the skill and refinement of Neptune and ICOH meu or the social aspect of an oyster bar.

          1. re: trayclyte

            thanks for a firsfthand review. too bad, as the place lookfed promising.

        2. Some good recs. DH loved the buttery lobster roll at Neptune and I love raw oysters. Going to google ICOB and take a look.