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Mar 24, 2012 08:26 AM

Best Buffet- is there any such thing? And rec for special 40th-

Hi guys, I'm a Toronto Hound coming to Vegas for my sister's 40th. we are looking at Alize for a chef's tasting menu for her birthday dinner- thoughts? I hear the view is awesome.
Also wondering about these famed buffets. Buffets would never occur to me as a dining option at any other time but people keep saying that they are just ridik in Vegas and we really should go. What are your thoughts and what would you recommend (if any?)

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  1. Well you are right there is no such thing such a good buffet.
    Some above average one are as follows
    The Buffet at Wynn
    Le Village Buffet
    Texas De Brazil (If you are a meat luver this is your best bet)
    Other one that I have heard and read a lot about is the Sterling Buffet. I have never tried it as I would rather spend that kind of money on a good meal than a buffet.
    Other one that gets recommended is the M Resort buffet.

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      I think Balley's Sterling Brunch on Sunday is GREAT buffet. It is one of the only ones in the country go to anymore. It is in Ballys Steakhouse.

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        It's costly but worth the price IMO. They sever Perrier jouet champaign have excellent lamb chops. When I go, I get my money's worth from those two alone, then I try a few shrimp, a lobster, and some chocolate covered strawberrys. They also have some caviar (not very high quality, but adequate).

    2. If you generally don't like buffets as a dining option, then going to one in Vegas probably won't be your thing either. Myself, I usually go to a couple when in Vegas. My favorites are the buffet at the Wynn, followed closely by the Bellagio and Wicked Spoon. Particular standouts for me are the lamb chops at Wynn, king crab and chilean sea bass at Bellagio, and salmon, desserts and gelato at Wicked Spoon.

      We did a 40th birthday recently at Charlie Palmer. They have a 3 course "cut of the week" menu with unlimited wine for $48.

      1. MOZen for ever....but, it is not really like a large cheesy hotel buffet. Fresh sushi cut to order by real Japanese chefs, fresh shellfish with multiple types of crab and oysters. Unbelievably good and such a relaxed atmosphere. Outstanding. I like an occasional hotel buffet just for the fun of it...but the one at MOZen is special and a great value for the cost IMHO.

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          Anyone tried the Wynn Country Club brunch? Looks pretty good, but can't decide if it's worth the money.

          Oh, and I forgot, for a new twist on "buffets" try the Border Grill brunch at Mandalay Bay. It's order off the menu with about 20 choices, but it's all you can eat. A great option for something different!

            1. re: JB BANNISTER

              Wynn Country Club jazz brunch is $59.

              Border Grill brunch is $29.99 but combine with coupon for a great deal.