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Mar 24, 2012 08:12 AM

Uptown Charlotte Request

Charlotte hounds, I'm going to a show at Blumethal tomorrow evening, and want to watch heels game close by before the show. So my needs are good food, quality tvs with good viewing area close to Blumenthal Performing Arts Center. Can anybody give me any recs? Don't want to break the bank, but I also don't want to eliminate options strictly based on cost either.

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  1. The problem is that any place with multiple tvs is not going to have great food. Rock Bottom Brweery certainly has the tvs, and the food is decent, though certainly not great. Wooden Vine is a small wine bar on N Tryon Street that has a tv and excellent small plates. Dandelion Market, around the corner, also has great small plates, but I can't remember if there is a tv or not. Might want to call or drop by and see. Ri Ra is an Irish pub with above average food of that sort, and I'm sure they have a tv. There is a new BBQ place in the area, Carolina Q that has tvs. I haven't been yet. A few blocks south on Tryon Street is Vapiano, an Italian place that is very casual, but has good food and tvs in the bar area. A little further south (and now about 5-6 blocks from the Blumenthal) is Halcyon, a fantastic restaurant. Again, I can't remember if there is a tv in the bar area or not, might be worth calling if that distance isn't a deterrent. Emeril Lagasse' new restaurant is near Halcyon, and again, might have atv in the bar. Disclaimer: some of these places may not be open on Sunday.

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      Ive decided on flemings, ain't great, ain't bad.

    2. We went to Fleming's for dinner on Saturday night for his birthday. It was actually my first visit ever and we had a terrific meal. I'm not much on steakhouses these last few years for some reason, but was very pleased with the meal and the service.

      The predictable - but very delicious - iceberg wedge salad with blue cheese preceded the steak and lobster entree (both which were cooked beautifully) and had creme brûlée and carrot cake for dessert. It was richer than I normally eat for dinner, but was quite nice and glad we went there.

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        Yes, we tried a ton of apps, and a steak also...most everything was very good. Their seafood tower wasn't nearly as good as the Fleming's in Greensboro, where littlenecks and oysters are included for the same price, so that I was disappointed in, but the steak was cooked spot on, seasoned great, and they do do an excellent chocolate lava cake too, a dessert that many fail miserably with. We spent a ton of money, but the food met the challenge.