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Mar 24, 2012 07:54 AM

Good seafood with bar seating for solo dining

Looking for a casual atmosphere, somewhere in Midtown or East side preferably along the subway. Price not an issue as long as it isn't at the top end of the scale . Small plates/apps more a preference vs sushi or raw courses.

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  1. Although not seafood restaurants per se, I found both Aldea and Ma Peche to be fairly well suited to my "solo-dining adventures" on recent trips to NYC. Both offer a "chef's bar", small plates, and while not cheap, I thought each was fair "bang for the buck". I tend to hedge seafoody when eating out, and I thought both were strong in that department. Ma Peche was a bit more casual, at least IMHO, but neither was particularly dressy as I recall. (I'm generally fairly "dressed up" when I visit, though, so I may not have noticed)

    1. Marea on Central Park South is the perfect spot...Great food and that bar is sexy...

      1. What about the Oyster Bar in Grand Central, certainly casual enough. Not cutting edge, more of an old classic, but have not been in years.

        1. Esca. The small bar is friendly, plenty of crudo and small plate opportunities. I like this place a lot.

          1. Not quite midtown, but I would recommend Il pesce at Eataly. It fits your requirements nicely.