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Mar 24, 2012 07:10 AM

Dinner walking distance Hilton HV

Looking for a dinner suggestion a close walking distance to Hilton HV. Husband cannot walk too far. Any kind of food. We like it all. Price range about $60 pp or less. I know Morimoto is not a favorite on this board but we are going to give it a try one night. Need one other dinner before we head up to North Shore.

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  1. One problem is that HHV was designed from the start to be a self contained resort, so just getting out to the street is a bit of a hike. There is a thai place right across ala moana blvd, Singha that is quite decent. And on the HHV grounds is what used to be Bali by the Sea, but is now called Bali Steak and Seafood (too many tourists were put off thinking it was a polynesian restaurant). It still gets mostly good reviews. Hopefully someone else has been more recently than I have.

    Roy's, Nobu, and the Halekulani are all about the same distance down Kalia Road, a short to moderate walk or a short taxi ride. In the other direction is the Hawaii Prince (not to be confused with the Waikiki Prince) with the Prince Court and Hakone. Again, not a long walk, or a short cab ride.

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      Nice suggestions, K-man.
      Also there is Arancino, BLT, Ruth Chris, Wolfgang's Steakhouse, Restaurant Suntory, International Five Star Buffet in and around Royal Hawaiian Center.

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        Good adds russkar, its just a matter of how far to walk (or cab.) And yes those are only a couple of blocks further, but you could add Yardhouse, Hard Rock, and all the rest that are on beach walk/lewers.

        A side note, I was in Waikiki yesterday on Lewers when I overheard someone at a 'tourist information' booth asking where Beachwalk was. Apparently the developers of the new shops and restaurants have christened their sidewalks "the waikiki beachwalkl" which is a block from the street with the same name. I walked over, told the man he was a fool, was misleading tourists, and should be ashamed of himself.