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Best Sushi in Montclair?

Meeting a friend for a bite one day next week - we won't be able to meet until close to 9 btw. We'd like to eat sushi and Montclair is the perfect midpoint.
Any recommendations on the best sushi there? I'm looking for quality, nothing fancy shmancy, just good, clean, fresh fish. Good rolls would help too as my friend is not the adventurous sort... :)
Toro sushi seemed to get high marks on one of those "other" review sites, but some seem mixed, and frankly I'm not sure how accurate that site is anyway!


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  1. Dai Kichi on Valley Road in "upper" Montclair is where I'd go! Not sure about their hours...

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      Thanks - looks good. Do you know if there's a menu for them online? They don't seem to have a website and I can't find a menu anywhere else-
      But sounds like we'll probably head there :)

    2. Our favorite sushi place in this area is Aki, just over the Montclair line in Bloomfield. http://www.akisushius.com/ (the music on the website really doesn't suit the restaurant


      We've tried all the sushi restaurants in Montclair and like Aki best.

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        Funny I was going to write asking about Aki tonight - while I was looking up Toro I saw the entry for Aki and was wondering if it's any good. Got good reviews and looks interesting. Though glad the music doesn't suit the restaurant ;)
        Thanks for the rec!

      2. There was/is a very modern sushi place across the street from Dai Kichi. Did Curlz or anyone else try it? We did awhile ago and liked it.

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          Bamboo Asian Bistro? I was looking at it but it seems to have mixed reviews and sushi did not seem to be as well liked as the other types of food there...

          1. You'll be fine with any choices below ...Dai Kichi, Toro, Aki, Nori....

            If your friend wants to look outside sushi, I'd vote Aozaro for their other options (although it can be pricey)

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            1. I agree with Aki in Bloomfield. I live across the street from Nori, and it's OK. But Aki is better all around. Better sushi, a ton of rolls, lots of daily specials.

              1. I had lunch at nori yesterday. we had rolls, sushi and sashimi and none was better than okay. disappointing as i have really enjoyed it in the past. everything lacked flavor, so maybe just an off day for them...

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                  Sorry, but you had lots of GOOD suggestions, and imo, you just (unknowingly) chose the worst off the list. Nori in Caldwell (not affiliated, as far as I know) is excellent, but Nori in Montclair, notsomuch.

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                    Nori Caldwell and Montclair same owner. I like Ocha in Caldwell directly across from Nori.

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                      Wow! Has that always been the case? I've always been told they weren't connected, which seemed odd. Either way, the one in Caldwell has always been v good, imo.

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                        I agree. Ocha in Caldwell is definitely my favorite!!

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                          Just chiming in again here since I just tried Ocha. Plan was for movie and Aozara and got shut out of movie part. So we ventured up Bloomfield Ave to hit Ocha. Wife and I both loved it - fresh, diverse choice, many specials and friendly staff. Worth passing 5 other sushi places on way there!

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                            Did you try the sushi pizza? It's awesome.

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                              I was tempted - next time for sure!

                  2. Daikichi is average at best for sushi. My wife is native Japanese and Daikichi is within walking distance for us - if it were good it would be our go-to place, but the fish is generally not high quality so we don't go there often for sushi. In the Upper Montclair area we prefer Toro - the chef is Taiwanese but trained in Japan for a number of years and his food is great. Aozora is very good - more of a "nouveau/fusion sushi" concept - well executed, though not very traditional.

                    1. Hello there, best sushi in terms of fish qualituy is Aozora in Montclair

                      Nelson provides freshest and most interesting fish at reasonable proces for the quality. His Omekase sushi or sashimi cannot be beat. Aozora signature is a very nice collection if you don't mind having rice.

                      I must add, his cooked selection is pretty good as well. TRY IT!!!!!!

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                        We went to Aozora on Saturday night. Sat at the bar with Nelson and ordered Omakase. Now there is an "Omakase" on the menu, which is on very large plate of Nelson's selections, and then there's the traditional Omakase, where Nelson asks you your approximate budget, and then starts in bringing course after course. I consider myself pretty knowledgeable about sushi, and what's good and what's not. Aozora's selection of fish was top notch. Nelson knows where each fish at his bar is from, and when the optimum time to serve it is. Dinner was stellar, ending with a homemade flourless chocolate cake....which along with everything else we had, was wonderful. Nelson totally makes the Omakase meal a wonderful experience. If you love pure sushi, try the sushi bar at Aozora. You won't be disappointed!