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Mar 24, 2012 01:43 AM

What vegetables to go with a garlic sauce and a steak?

Hi all,

I'm making a steak and an espagnole-sauce with lots of garlic in it. What vegetables (in addition to potatoes) would you serve with this?

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  1. i'd love something crunchy and also with a little sweetness.

    fresh green beans are a pretty color side, and give you a fresh vegetal flavor. you can make these almondine if you like (but i don't think it is necessary here). <while asparagus is coming into season, i'm not sure that i'm crazy about that with steak. on the other hand, if you love asparagus, it gives the green and the crunch.>

    a broiled tomato with parmesan/bread crumb top would also be nice. old style, but savory and sweet.

    it is not a trendy plate, but a very tasty one. you are highlighting the essence of each item, and they all complement each other's flavors and textures.

    ps, i'd add some freshly chopped chives & parsley combo on the potatoes at the finish. (while mashed potatoes seem the natural side, i love a nice potato gratin -- maybe even one including leeks). edit: just saw this lovely idea for potato puffs with gruyere:

    1. I like steak with baked onions, and I enjoy broiled tomatoes w/ mine. Gotta have those potatoes, though.

      1. Love these roasted cherry tomatoes. Or roasted or steamed asparagus.

        1. I had some edamame with sea salt with a similar dish a couple of weeks ago, it was a very good compliment to the garlic.

          1. I'm a fan of green veg, in general, with steak. A nice rapini would be especially nice with the garlic sauce IMO.