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Mar 23, 2012 11:39 PM

Bistro Provence

For several months now I have been going to Bistro Provence, a little jewel of a restaurant, located in a mall just north of the 134 freeway, on Pass Avenue in Burbank, next to Starbucks. I had been sampling their menu, but lately had been choosing their 1/2 Roast Chicken. Too bad exile kiss never dropped in here, because I am sure he would have rated the Roast Chicken here among his top 3. What chef Miki Zivkovic, formerly the chef of Pinot Bistro in Studio City does is to first bone the chicken, taking out the backbone, ribs and wishbone, and then pan roast the chicken on the stove and finish it off in a high heat oven. The bird is so moist, and the skln is the crispest I have had yet in LA. Although I usually have this dish with veggies, on the menu it is listed with balsamic onions and garlic fries, and the fries are superb, fried to perfection. It really is a delicious meal. Tonight, the soup of the day was French onion soup, and I ordered it. When it was presented to me, I immediately noticed that unlike the usual presentation of the dish in a bowl with the cheese overrunning the top and sides, the Gruyere cheese was a generous clump in the center, covering the slice of French bread. I dipped my spoon into the broth, tasted it, and had an epiphany. This is without a doubt the best French onion soup I have ever had. The caramelized onions were done the way they should be, the Gruyere was a perfect amount. When I reached the bottom of the bowl. I picked it up and poured whatever broth was left onto my spoon so as not to leave a drop. Instead of my usual chicken, tonight I ordered the Lobster ravioli. When the dish came out, it was literally drowning in a white cream sauce. I took one bite and called the waiter over, told him to take it back to the kitchen and get rid of as much sauce as he could, then bring it back out. When the dish came back, it was brought to me by Miki, who told me that his preference was not to use a cream sauce, however his clientele demanded it. His preference was to saute the ravioli gently after the water bath, and then serve it with a tomato and lobster sauce. I told him that sounded fine to me, so he removed that dish and in 5 minutes brought me the new Lobster ravioli. It was a vast improvement, and I was happy to see he really goes out of his way to satisfy his customers. He told me that from now on the French onion soup would be served every Friday night. Next Friday I am going to combine the onion soup with the Chicken entree and have a glass of Pinot Grigio with the meal, What a great way to start the weekend.

Bistro Provence, 345 N Pass Ave, Burbank 818 840 8783.

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    1. Since you're a pizza freak, pray tell have you ever tried Chef Miki's pizzas at his other joint, Lucas Trattoria?

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        No, I never have, but I will now that I know about it. Thanks for the heads up.

      2. I was there on a rainy Friday the 13th and I thought the food was great. If you order a main the app is only $3.95! We had cob salad, and fresh peas w/ grilled veggies to start. Both very good. My friend had the beef Bourguinon and I the salmon in lobster sauce over shrimp mashed potatoes. The beef and the Cobb were a little deconstructed but the flavors were good. The shrimp potatoes with lobster sauce was divine. Fish good. I would eat it all again. I recommend!

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          Is there a big difference between lunch and dinner portions?

          1. re: Johnny L

            I better hit it up already. But usually I go to BeaBeas for breakfast eats when I'm in the area.

        2. The original comment has been removed