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great half sour pickles? Schorr's?

Anyone know of any in town? I used to get Batampte and would get satisfied..they seemed to go downhill though and most batches were borderline "gone bad", soft, off-tasting.

Then I found Schorr's in Whole Foods in Florida. They are awesome. Are they here? Any others making them well?

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  1. i don't know answer to your exact question but (and i kid here but am also serious) ... you need to make friends with someone who has a mom / grandparents from the prairies. those are the best pickles. we are westerners - and those kind of home-made recipes, when done well, are a rare real cdn treat, possibly akin to the midwest style of cooking / preserving?

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    1. re: Georgia Strait

      Or befriend a "bubbeh" at the Jewish Cultural Centre ....... ;-)

      At least get some at Kaplan's Star Deli. Dunno if they're half sour, I just know they're dang good.

      Or find her jarred pickles at Whole Foods (dunno about Vancouver stores) in WA.


      1. re: LotusRapper

        Looking at their product list - no half sours.
        Kosher dills are full sour. Glad to see they're fermented and not vinegared though - and I *think* I've seen at WF here. Will check them out - thanks!

        1. re: kinnickinnik

          Click on the site homepage's "Find Bubbies", enter your postal code and you can find the nearest stores that carry them (I suspect they're in eastern provinces, since entering mine I only get a listing of WA stores within 100 miles), but at least Bubbies can be found at all the Haggen stores:

          Haggen 360-380-9000
          1815 Main St
          Ferndale, WA 98248
          Distance: 34.39 mi.
          View Location In Google Maps

          Orcas Home Grown Market 360 376-2009
          138 North Beach Road
          Eastsound, WA 98245
          Distance: 43.51 mi.
          View Location In Google Maps

          Haggen 360-676-5300
          2900 Woburn
          Bellingham, WA 98226
          Distance: 43.83 mi.
          View Location In Google Maps

          Community Food Co-Op 360.734.8158
          1220 N. Forrest St
          Bellingham, WA 98225
          Distance: 44.78 mi.
          View Location In Google Maps

          Haggen 360-733-4370
          1401 12th St
          Bellingham, WA 98225
          Distance: 44.78 mi.
          View Location In Google Maps

          Haggen 360-671-3300
          2814 Meridian
          Bellingham, WA 98225
          Distance: 44.78 mi.
          View Location In Google Maps

          Haggen 360-647-4300
          210 36th St
          Bellingham, WA 98225
          Distance: 44.78 mi.
          View Location In Google Maps

          San Juan Island Food Co-op
          775 Mullis Unit C
          Friday Harbor, WA 98250
          Distance: 48.79 mi.
          View Location In Google Maps

          Haggen 360-814-1500
          757 Haggen Dr
          Burlington, WA 98233
          Distance: 64.15 mi.
          View Location In Google Maps

          Haggen 360-848-6999
          2601 E Division
          Mount Vernon, WA 98273
          Distance: 67.77 mi.
          View Location In Google Maps

          Skagit Valley Food Co-op 360-336-9777
          202 So 1st St.
          Mt. Vernon, WA 98273
          Distance: 67.77 mi.
          View Location In Google Maps

          Haggen 360-629-4400
          26603 72nd Ave NW
          Stanwood, WA 98292
          Distance: 80.75 mi.
          View Location In Google Maps

          The Goose Community Grocery 866.326.6714
          14485 Highway 525
          Langely, WA 98260
          Distance: 90.23 mi.
          View Location In Google Maps

          Country-Aire Natural Foods 360-452-7175
          117 East 1st St
          Port Angeles, WA 98362
          Distance: 90.87 mi.
          View Location In Google Maps

          Good To Go Grocery 360-457-1857
          1105 So Eunice St.
          Port Angeles, WA 98362
          Distance: 90.87 mi.
          View Location In Google Maps

          Haggen 360-403-3800
          20115 74th Ave NE
          Arlington, WA 98223
          Distance: 91.73 mi.
          View Location In Google Maps

          Haggen 360-530-7700
          3711 88th St NE
          Marysville, WA 98270
          Distance: 93.98 mi.
          View Location In Google Maps

          Sno-Isle Natural Foods Co-op 425.859.3798
          2804 Grand Ave
          Everett, WA 98201
          Distance: 96.65 mi.
          View Location In Google Maps

          Haggen 425-377-7100
          8915 Market Pl NE
          Lake Stevens, WA 98258
          Distance: 96.86 mi.
          View Location In Google Maps

          1. re: kinnickinnik

            Bubbies doesn't come close to Schorr's or what you'd find at a real Jewish deli.

      2. I am not familiar with “half sour” pickles. I do like pickles and some of the ones I have recently tried and liked were:
        Unpasteurized and found in the refrigerated section of the deli department in grocery stores. Currently on sale at Safeway for $4 and SaveOn for $4.50.
        Mad About Food
        They carry a pickle made in the Fraser Valley. Don’t remember the name but they are packed in a home style canning jar. Label says they are made to a family recipe from the prairies. This would tie in with GS's reply. Very good but a little, very little, sweet for our taste.

        1. I love half sours but have never seen true lacto-fermented ones at retail here, only in the east (eg Montreal delis, Schwartz's). I've resorted to pickling my own once a year when I can get fresh pickling cukes.They don't keep super long as they continue fermenting but I enjoy a brief pickle frenzy while I have 'em.

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            1. re: 1newyorkguy

              Heh. Sorry only had about 3 lbs of cukes last time - nearly all gobbled up or given to pickle fans at work. This batch wasn't quite my usual - discovered too late that I'd forgotten to buy dill so I aimed for a peppery spice mix instead - but they didn't have the kick I hoped for. Nice and crunchy but neither garlicky nor spicy enough and of course not dilly at all.

              That's it for me til next summer...

              Have you seen this great thread? http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/805067

              1. re: kinnickinnik

                Amazing thread, thanks for posting the link!

                  1. re: 1newyorkguy

                    Good luck! I posted a response to your last question on that thread.
                    If you want to learn more - UBC farm offers fermentation workshops from time to time. Sign up to be on their mail list here: http://ubcfarm.ubc.ca/teaching-learni...
                    (I've not taken the course but might do so next time around).

            2. Man I miss the pickles in New York. Even the crappiest deli there had delicious pickles. You can order Guss' Pickles online here http://www.gusspickle.com/ or The Pickle Guys https://www.pickleguys.com/. You could get them sent to Washington and then drive down and pick them up.

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              1. re: tdeane

                FWIW there's a Deli in downtown Yarrow with fabulous pickles-a bit of a drive but if you're doing a farm tour in the valley it's well worth stopping by.

                1. re: Sam Salmon

                  Ah yes, Yarrow Deli Cooperative if that's what you're referring to, Sam.

                  Weird how I actually ate there, twice, in August while doing some contract work out there. Had some deli sandwiches for lunch but I don't recall the pickle slices wowing me at the time. Deli meats were alright, tho'

                  The deli is right next to the small park on Yarrow Central Road, here as the white building behind the blue car:


                  Friendly family operation, very modest digs. The old man who owns/runs the barber shop across the road (Hank or Frank ?) is a neat chap to chat with, IIRC he's like close to 90 yrs old.

              2. I'm not a pickle fan, but my wife did pick up a bottle of McClure's pickles (from Brooklyn/Detroit, as the bottle claims) at Old Faithful.

                1. Try Solly's Bagels. There are at least three locations. Original location around Main and 28th Ave. They sell Strubb's half dones. Canadian made, always reliable. Call them, you should have to look no further. If the don't have any, try Omnitsky's Kosher on Cambie across from Oakridge Mall, Kaplan's Star Deli on oak and 41st or The Kosher Warehouse on Kingsway just off of E 16th Ave.
                  Stong's on Dunbar is another place that should have them.

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                    1. re: veganhound

                      Are Strubb's truly brine fermented or do they add vinegar (I thought the latter)? If truly brine fermented, store turnover will need to be brisk if they are to remain at the half-sour stage.

                      1. re: kinnickinnik

                        According to their stie, they have a line of products that need to be refrigerated that are brine fermented and do not have vinegar added http://www.strubpickles.com/html/prod...

                        1. re: kinnickinnik

                          Strubb's do add vinegar, so not a legit half-sour. http://www.strubpickles.com/Recipes/r...

                          Also, my googling shows that the company may have gone bankrupt? Whyte’s Food Corp. Inc. that has bought the brand has not confirmed whether they will keep the original recipe, though it sounds like there is room for hope. http://www.torontolife.com/daily/dail...

                          1. re: StarryFork

                            I see they have a half sour with:
                            INGREDIENTS: Cucumbers, water, salt, dill, garlic, spices, calcium chloride (a natural mineral that enhances crispness), sodium benzoate. No vinegar, but I'm not into sodium benzoate.