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Mar 23, 2012 10:29 PM

Texas sized donut

I'm travelling to Houston next month and promised to bring a friend back a "Texas sized donut" (the one's the size of your head). I tried to google it, but only saw that Round Rock had them. Does anyone know of where in Houston I can find this donut? If possible, at a place by the Galleria area/the IAH airport or anywhere in between. Thanks!

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  1. Bad news.

    It's a "Round Rock" thing.

    Not a "Texas" thing.


    P.S. You can probably leave your spurs at home also. ;-)

    Enjoy your trip and let us know what you eat.

    1. I've seen them out in the Hill Country but can't remember seeing any in Houston. Search the Houston board for "donuts" and there are several threads that pop up. You might make a list of the bakeries in the Galleria area (go to Yahoo Maps and zoom in on the area then search donuts or bakery) and call some of them ahead of time. There is certainly an art to making one that size without getting the outside overdone and the inside underdone.