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Mar 23, 2012 09:57 PM

Koto Sushi Prospect Heights: do yourself a favor and don't overlook this place.

Not a shill guys and girls- just a long-time 'hounder who wants to spread the word. I myself happened to hear about this place on Chowhound- and I want to pay the advice forward.

People- this place is wonderful for sushi- fresh, fast, and delicious. It's a small location, with only a few tables, but is GREAT for takeout. Look, it's not top-notch, top-of-the-line sushi- but it's definitely GOOD, and a cut above many of the other places in PH/Park Slope.

Masa- the chef- does a nice Omakase and really does care about the quality of the fish; the place hasn't slipped up in the 3 years I've been ordering from them (bonus: they deliver to Cobble Hill). I can't vouch much for the hot entrees- from what I've had they're mostly solid but unspectacular- but the one thing I can recommend without reservation is the sushi. Tonight, Masa threw in a piece of Toro with my normal (non-Omakase) sushi meal. It was a nice touch and not atypical.

Get to know him/them and he'll treat you right.

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  1. Surprised no one chimed in with a "yeah- that place is great"-post.

    Oh well- like I said- I have no connection to Koto other than its never let me down.

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    1. re: twan55

      I meant to write just such a post on Friday, until the hours got away from me. So, after getting delivery from there - "yeah, that place is great". Needed a change of pace after one more declining-quality-not-worth-the-good-price meal from Mitoushi, I saw this on and started the order, and since I was 3/4 done before realizing this was the PH Koto and not Henry St, I figured I'd stick with it.

      This isn't Ki or Hibino, but it's solid, straightforwardly good sushi at a reasonable price. Assortment of sushi and a couple of rolls were all fresh, average-to-large (but not cartoonish) in size, and tasty. Scallop and yellowtail were particularly nice on that particular night. Also enjoyed the miso eggplant appetizer. I will also call out that they deliver to Cobble Hill, and delivery was prompt and friendly. They're on Seamless and (and I guess grubhub too). This was our first Koto order, won't be our last.

      (NB: once again, this is the Prospect Heights Koto at 6th/Flatbush, NOT Carroll Gardens Koto with which I have no experience.)

      1. re: cazique

        Cool- I'm glad you had the same good experience as I always have. Seriously- when you order next time say "hi" to Masa- get to know him/them-- it's just a good idea.

        I really love Koto. No- it's not mind-blowing- but it's just so solid and consistent and sorry but that counts for something, especially where sushi is concerned. I've actually had "bad" experiences (at least delivery-wise) with some of the more upscale Brooklyn sushi places- and NEVER with Koto.

        A little piece of me would die if this place ever went bust- but I have a feeling there's a few "MEs" around that are regulars.

        Seriously though- if you're into this type of thing- get the Omakase one time. Talk to Masa and ask him what he recommends (please don't think I'm patronizing you/treating you like a child- I'm sure you know how to do this already- but some people aren't up on this stuff, so on the off chance you're not I'm just giving you a heads-up). I got it two weeks ago (I think I spent like $40 or something) and it was the very definition of bang-for-you-buck.

        Take care- and happy eating!

    2. My wife and I went there tonight, on your recommendation from this thread. We live in the north slope.

      I agree, I was a cut above your typical neighborhood sushi joint. We had a rock shrimp dish that was average, a Miso Tuna that was average, but both were nicely presented. The sushi we had was delicious. In particular, the Hamachi melted in my mouth (they said it was from a different source than most local restaurants), and the Mackerel which they prepared in-house (they were very proud of that - pointed out that most buy it pre-marinated, but they buy it raw and marinate/cure in their own showed).

      We will definitely be back. While it was quiet in there, they were doing what looked like a brisk delivery business. Thanks for pointing this place out!

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      1. re: randymac88

        This seriously makes me happy. I'm glad (but not surprised) that you had a good experience at Koto. I order sushi from them once a week and they NEVER disappoint- again, the DEFINITION of good and consistent.

        Unfortunately, all other restaurants to which my wife and I become accustomed eventually go downhill-- EVERY ONE. It's gotten to the point where we just expect the eventual decline. It sucks.

        Meanwhile, Koto just rolls on...(no pun intended)

      2. How is Koto compared to Taro? I haven't been to either. According to the menus Taro looks more upscale.

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        1. re: Miss Needle

          Taro is Japanese-owned. Make of that what you will.

          Basically, what Koto is is your normal, regular neighborhood sushi joint- but what it does, it does quite well. It is absolutely a cut above the other restaurants in its genre.

          Get some sushi delivered from there and decide for yourself- I think you'll be pleased. Again- not stupendous- but very, very solid and consistent.

          1. re: twan55

            Another delivery last night, with similar results. Workmanlike, solid, no complaints. Definitely my new delivery standby.