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Mar 23, 2012 09:49 PM

The Met in Venice, and others

I am on my way to visit Venice next week and had The Met on my list, but realize the highly-rated chef left last year. Has anyone been there recently? Is it still good? Are there any other kind of high-end places you could recommend? I am looking for seafood and don't eat meat. I'm also not a big pasta/red sauce fan. I have been reading several threads and have also come up with Il Ridotto and Da Fiore and Fiaschetteria Toscana. Sound good? It's my first time in Venice.

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  1. Below is a link to a recent post on the subject:
    Also there is a recent post on Quadri. Not much else to add.
    I wouldn't consider Il Ridotto or Fiaschetteria Toscana high-end places. Da Fiore probably is, though don't compare it to such as Enoteca Pinchiorri, Dal Pescatore, Le Calandre or Rome's La Pergola, For the three places on your list, no problem if you don't eat meat. As for not being a pasta/red sauce fan, it won't be on menus of good restaurants serving Venetian food.

    1. Seeing not so positive reports on the met. My wife and I are headed back in July and are sorely disappointed. We really connected with this chef's work in 2009 but had to cut the dinner short after discovering Andrea Bocelli performing in Piazza San Marco that evening. what? I guess what I'm asking everyone is...if money was not an issue and you were dining one night in Venezia, where would you go? Thanks for any help in advance!

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        Thanks for your reply PBSF. The post confirms what I was thinking--don't go to the Met. It is such a shame as I am staying at the Bauer! Do you know much about the other restaurant there, De Pisis? I haven't seen that mentioned a lot on CH. I have read such good reviews about the food at Il Ridotto that I'm happy to go there even if it isn't high end.

        HOP, for a one-night money no issue type of restaurant, some would say Quadri, as PBSF mentioned. Perhaps also Da Fiore.

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          My personal opinion is that Venice is not for high-end dining, at least not in the sense of the best restaurants in italy and not in cities such as Paris, Barcelona, NYC, etc. If you search for Da Pisis and Da Ivo on this board, you will find some of my short comments on them. I have not been to Il Ridotto or the revamped Quadri under Alajmo. Alajmo's Le Calandre in the outskirt of Padua, is one of my favorite in Italy, therefore, I would rather spend my euros there where Massimiliano and Raffaele are more likely to be working. For a person with a limited budget like me, my advice is to concentrate on eating in some of the better trattorie/osterie for good Venetian seafood. Save your euros for some another parts of your trips. If you have more euros than you ever need and have to spend them, then take a chance and try them. Based on my single dinner last year at Da Pisis (I love the Bauer Terrace but also read my comments on earlier posts), recent ones at Da Ivo and Da Fiore few years ago, I enjoyed them. It comes down to how we value our euros. Don't expect them to be 'knock one off its socks' experiences. If that is what you expect from them for your euros, then money is an issue and you are not Bill Gates.
          My meal at The Met two year ago was very good but definitely not 'knock one off its socks'. We have a chance to eat at these places because we are usually taken there by our visiting guests.

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            Thanks PBSF. Money is always a consideration. I just don't mind spending for excellent food in nice restaurants on vacation. But, that is the catch--if it seems that the expensive food is not spectacular, then I agree, it is better to use one's Euros elsewhere.

            I've seen Le Calandre--hope to make it on another trip. This is my first time in Venice, so I'm going to stay in town and not wander outside.

            We leave tonight! I'll let you know how it goes...

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            Appreciate the response and apologies for highjacking the thread. Safe travels.

        2. I think the significant information about the Met is that it has recently lost both its Michelin stars. Now I know the chef has left but, in the normal course of events, Michelin would probably only remove one star for that. Removing both suggests that whoever is now in control of the kitchen may not be performing at all well.

          1. Went to Il Ridotto last week, it may not be high end in a formal way but it is high end as concerns the food and it is a very modern comfortable room especially the one to the side. We preferred it over Quadri. The other new spot is out on Mazzorbo called Venissa. Food was very high end and a great location in the vineyard.

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              That's good to hear - got a table there next week.

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                We would love to hear the specifics of your meals at Quadri, Il Ridotto and Venissa. Thank you in advance.