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Puerto Nuevo Style Lobster - North of the border

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Looking for authentic Puerto Nuevo Style Lobster, as close to the real thing without the trip across the border. I'm looking for the flash-fried lobster, melted butter, homemade chewy tortillas. Please... where can I find this?

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  1. Ortega's in Hillcrest on University between 1st and 2nd.

    1. My husband swears by the best tail in town in old town. Great baja lobster plate.

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      1. re: tastycakes

        Do you mean Rockin' Baja Lobster? I went just once and was disappointed.

        Anyone remember Newport Annie's in Mission Beach (where Guava Beach is now)? That place was great.

        I think Ortega's in Hillcrest is your best bet on this side of the border.

        1. re: bizzwriter

          Dang...I remember Newport Annie's and it is sorely missed.