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Mar 23, 2012 08:35 PM

Cinnamon powdered Tim Hortons in TO...

Okay, I know..not very chowhoundish of me..but I've been having a craving for a cinnamon powdered Tim Hortons donut for weeks and have been unable to see one anywhere...
anyone spot a toronto tim's location that offers them?
Not sure why I've been craving one for so long..I haven't had one in years!

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  1. I too haven't seen the cinnamon powdered old fashioned in a long time. I believe it may have been discontinued several years ago along with the following:
    chocolate dip with peanuts
    chocolate with coconut
    plain coconut old fashioned,
    raisin twist(which I liked)
    cherry stick
    honey stick
    sugar twist
    and the real cream filled fancies and wedgies

    1. This is my favourite donut flavour, not necessarily Tim Horton's, but just a good old fashioned cinnamon donut. Why oh why has this flavour fallen from favour? It's even hard to find a plain old fashioned and what happened to powdered sugar donuts? Remember the donuts in the basement of Simpson's? I'd kill for one of those. Tiny Tims at the Ex is as close as I've found but they aren't as good as they used to be, kind of soggy.

      1. The TH at Leslie and Lakeshore had them about 4 weeks ago when I was there. Also, the TH on Bay (near Temperance) used to have them but now have a cinnamon with granulated sugar (not powdered). Could do the trick if that is a better location.