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Mar 23, 2012 07:59 PM

Disney-proximate Fast Chow?

I'm in Orlando for the next week, for a conference at the Marriott World Center (next to but not in Disney); I've read Yosemite Sam's top-10 thread, and done some other searching, so I have some ideas for dinners, but am having trouble finding ideas for quick (<1hr including travel) breakfasts and lunches in the area. Any suggestions?

(I'm open to any price range, but I'm posting this from La Luce, which in comparison to Italian places in DC (where I'm from) seems like a solid but overpriced mid-tier place but seems on this board to be in the top tier for Orlando; for breakfast/lunch, if La Luce is a good exemplar, I guess I'd probably prefer more in the cheap range. But if there's something spectacular, pricey is fine, too.)

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    1. Your best bet is Sand Lake Road, about seven miles north. Anatolia (Turkish), Cedar's (Lebanese), Greek Tavrrna, Press 101 (upscale sandwiches), Peperoncino (casual Italian) and Saffron (Indian) are all good lunch choices. Seito Sushi and Anthony's Coal-Fired Pizza are also decent options.

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        I agree - a few thoughts on these though.

        Anatolia - Delicious if you can make it out that way this is a great option

        Cedars is wonderful too but the food prices seem a bit high they have a nice lunch menu though.

        Peperoncino is new but it's been getting some pretty good reviews.

        Saffron is a wonderful and pleasant lunch experience. Great lunch menu.

        Seito Sushi - If you are serious about sushi you may want to try else where but for the casual roll / salad soup it's fine.

        Also google maps says that Cafe Tu Tu Tango is a 12-13 minute drive. Lunch there is not that crowded on the weekdays except Friday. You should be able to get quick service there.

      2. Saffron's lunch is a great deal, with soup, side, and little dessert with entree