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Mar 23, 2012 07:46 PM

What inspires you to make something new?

What inspires me is:

--Healthier and/or tastier version of a dish I love. I know what’s in it & can control amt of salt, sugar, fat & add extra flavor

--Something I use a lot of that would be better & cheaper to make myself—i.e. vanilla, spice mixes

--Can’t help it! Even when I say I’m gonna chill out I find myself thinking about my next experiment

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  1. Usually either "I should be able to make that at home", or "I should be able to make that much cheaper at home". Next thing on my list is Caveman Pops (turkey legs).

    1. It was an abundance of end of summer tomatoes. I was looking for a recipe to use them all. I was watching Cooking Channel On Demand and the host made an Indian recipe for a lamb and tomato curry. I looked up the recipe online and set to getting all the ingredients. For some reason, grocery stores don't carry lamb shoulder anymore. (I should have gone to a dedicated butcher) So I had to substitute pork. And I got the spices at the local spice shop in town. It was good. I'd make it again.

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        My husband and I recently purchased a fresh whole local lamb and had a shoulder roast last week. It was superb! It is a pity it is not carried in our grocery stores, either. I love it.

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          I would like to make it again, with summer '12 tomatoes and a lamb shoulder. I found a Halal place that sells lamb, and cheaply. Worth the drive.

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            Excellent! I'm happy you found a Halal place you can take advantage of (well, in a good way). I cannot tell you how pleased we are to have access to such wonderful lamb here. Not only that but venison, rabbit, duck, goose, elk, wild boar...

      2. Well, if I tried something, and I really like it, and I think I can semi-manage it, then yes, I will be inspired to make it.

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        1. re: Chemicalkinetics

          Glowing reports on a recipe from a chowhound.

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            True, true. Thanks for pointing this out.

        2. Half the time, it is based on a new ingredient, and then a search for a recipe. And half the time, there is a recipe unlike anything in the current repertoire. And of course there is always the empty pantry just when folks drop-in who are famished to bring, a degree of desperation and hopefully inspiration..

          1. A new and/or rare ingredient I read about in culinary books - especially books of ancient food culture and ethnicity. Then I go on a hunt until I find the ingredient. Learning about different food cultures is fascinating.

            Something I have eaten in restaurants that I can make at home just as well.

            Spotting intriguing skills or techniques while on travels to foreign countries.

            I take pride in making almost everything from scratch and grow my own herbs and vegetables. I and am constantly looking for different ways to create.

            Difficult or challenging recipes grab my attention immediately.

            Having celiac disease forces me to utilize interesting flours I had not before such as chestnut, coconut, almond, sorghum, amaranth, teff, millet, chickpea, garfava and so on. It has been enjoyable learning about properties and characteristics of each.

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              Usually a combination of boredom with my current crop of "usual" dishes and finding an interesting recipe either in a magazine or online. From time to time it's a resolution to master a particular type of cooking or dish eg. learning to make risotto or souffles.