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Mar 23, 2012 07:32 PM

Breakfast for seven people tomorrow morning near Hyatt regency on east Wacker!

Hi everyone,
Meeting our friend who's getting married tomorrow and several other out- of -towers for breakfast--- I did not know there was no plan so now I need a recommendation! Need to accommodate 7 people... Any ideas would be most excellent! Thanks! Does not need to be super fancy but some vegetarian options are a must....

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  1. Downtown on a Saturday morning is pretty dead.

    Vegetarian makes this even more difficult.

    If you're willing to cab it a couple of miles then Meli Cafe might work.

    Otherwise you're probably stuck with a hotel. Four Seasons is good but also expensive and probably a cab ride.

    1. Depending on how vegetarian it needs to be (e.g. eggs) you have the West Egg cafe on NOrth Fairbanks Court ,or Eggsperience on Ontario are are quite good -

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        Eggsperience looks great! Thanks! Do I need reservations?