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Mar 23, 2012 06:57 PM

Sunday breakfast near Madrid Atocha

We will be flying in from the US and arriving at Barajas at 740 am, then taking a taxi to Atocha to catch the train to Seville (probably the 10 am train). Anywhere we can catch a quick breakfast on a Sunday morning near the Atocha station? Churros/pastries/or sandwiches would be fine.

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  1. My suggestion is Il Caffè di Roma at the station, close to the indoor tropical garden.

    1. And my my suggestion (though I am not a local) would be to head for the bar at El Brillante, across the street from the station, and grab a bocadillo de calamares, fried squid on a toasted roll. You cannot imagine how good this tastes!

      Lots of other stuff there, too, that I have not tried. Including churros con chocolate.

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      1. re: erica

        We were unimpressed with the churros con chocolate at El Brillante during our visit last year. There will be better to be had in Sevilla. However, you will not go wrong with a bocadillo.

      2. Thank you, everyone, for your suggestions. In researching I found mention of a churro stand right outside the station--Churreria Velazquez Gourmet--another option.