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do you ever judge a restaurant by the cleanliness of the bathrooms??

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would you go back to a rest if the facilities were out of an Indian slum??

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    1. Also no.
      One has nothing to do with the other (assuming you mean that if the bathroom is dirty the kitchen must be, too)

      1. If the bathroom was filthy, I would worry about the rest of the place. If the bathroom is also used by the staff, I would consider it critical. I was in a fast food place and after finishing my meal went into the bathroom--used by everyone--to discover there was neither hot water nor soap at the sink................so where are hands being washed?

        1. I take the view that the toilets are public areas, on show to the customers. If they are dirty, then the standard of hygiene in the areas unseen by customers (like the kitchen) are likely to be even worse.

          1. Yes.

            The only exceptions would be street kitchens throughout Southeast Asia and India because otherwise I'd have starved to death by the end of the trip.

            But in any reasonably developed areas there's no excuse for a restaurant not having a clean bathroom.

            1. There would be lots of exceptions while traveling! As an example - you can eat a very nice meal in a restaurant in Burkina Faso, but (mostly thanks to the heat) you can count your blessing that you don't need to use that hole in the ground somewhere in the back of the place.

              1. Yes I do..and no I would not.

                1. In America? Absolutely. Like others mentioned, I've used some questionable facilities when traveling and just try to roll with it. The first time I encountered a squat toilet did throw me, though.

                  1. Can't remember the last time I used one, I'm a morning person.

                    1. Eh. We have a weekly jour fixe at a local, fantastic Sichuan place. It's a small, hole-in-the-wall resto with maybe 10 tables tops, and a lot of their customers are students who go for the take-out lunch special (Americanized glop from a hot counter).

                      They do not have a public restroom, but a small toilet which can only be reached by going through the kitchen. They're generally not inclined to let customers use it, but there have been an occasion or two. I wouldn't say that the restroom was filthy, but I *definitely* didn't want to take a closer look at how some of the foods were stored.

                      Did I mention I go there on a weekly basis to get my ma la fix?

                      1. Depending on where I am, of course. If I'm in India eating at a hole in the wall place, and the bathrooms aren't up to snuff. that's one thing.
                        If I'm in North America or Western Europe and the bathroom is filthy, I judge. Surprisingly, one of the worst bathrooms I ever found was at a restaurant in Florence, Italy, right across from the Duomo. It was a self-serve kind of place, cheap, for tourists and students, a quick bite to eat. The bathroom was completely disgusting. Glad I went before I ordered, because I left without ordering. That one kind of surprised me.
                        If the bathroom is a sty, and that's a place open to scrutiny by the public, then it makes me wonder what their kitchen is like.
                        As an aside, I trained for a marathon a couple of years ago, and got to "know" the facilities along my training routes pretty well (fast food, donut shops, gas stations). There are definitely some specific fast food places and donut shops that I will never, ever, ever go to based on the cleanliness of their bathrooms.

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                          Great thread
                          I am commenting for USA

                          If the bathroom is filthy and I will walk out!
                          I went to a bathroom years ago, it was a chain, and they could not find the key, and the filth behind the counter, well I told my husband back at the car...........find me another place~

                          I have friends who are in the service business and they have told me that they do not eat in places with dirty bathrooms or unkept outside perimeters. I have a very sensitive smell and they say that if I enter an establishment that looks fine but smells to my nose, RUN!, I have smelt mold in my own doctors office and had it removed.

                          I remember going to this upscale chinese restaurant. Well. we had eaten, I went to the ladies room and stacked outside was cooked chicken stacked there. I asked the owner and his comment was there was NO room in the kitchen, Thank goodness at that restaurant I was eating veggies since it was a business trip but who knows what was doing in that kitchen,

                          I also woould not eat at a friends home who has a dirty bathroom. I always tell the story of going to a business lunch and the partner offers water and the glass was grayand everyone is eating. Ugh, I nicely said that I was having a colonosopy the next day (yes, i CAN lie)...the place was filthy and people still ate

                          If you watch TLC, Restarant Mission Impossible Show (forgot the name) they go all over the country to redo the restaurant and the dirt and mice drippings,,ugh

                        2. No. I also judge a grocery store by the condition of its restrooms and the deli area. I was at a large local chain store last week that was incredibly dirty. Decided to leave and went to a smaller, cleaner grocery store.