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Thanks to all of you with your responses to your favorite potato chips. I sure learned a lot and am on a mission to try to broaden my potato chip horizons..

Now, there are so many fabulously flavored chips. those flavored ones don't really require a dip. But, I'd like to know and have you weigh in with your favorite chip dips and accompaniments. I love Philadelphia whipped cream cheese with chives with russet potato chips--any brand.

I recall, help me here, when I was a kid, my Mom used to make a chip dip using (I think) Campbells' shrimp soup and probably cream cheese and/or sour cream on a Saturday night. We dipped Utz's or Mrs. Ihries' into that thick, creamy dip. I will have to Google to find the recipe, unless one of you Chowhounders can recall.

A friend of mine makes a lemon/pepper/sweet onion/sourcream dip. She won't give out the recipe so that she can keep me coming back to enjoy a sit down smorgasboard of chips and dip and girlfriend time together.

So, I'd love to try different dips--the commercial ones are good.. I just had Helluva brand Ranc dip, and it seemed too salty, as does their French onion. I like Marzetti much better and less salty. And the good old--=Lipton French onion soup mix with sour cream. Tiresome.

Ii know all of you will have so many wonderful recipes and suggestions. FoiGras

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  1. One of my favourite general purpose dips is plain yoghurt (or sour cream) mixed with a couple of spoonfuls of Indian lime pickle (Patak's works well). It's flavourful and a bit spicy.

    Tatziki is also a favourite, particularly if I'm feeling energetic and make the one that involve draining the yoghurt a bit first, salting the onion and cucumber to get rid of extra moisture, and using the food processor to get a smooth texture.

    On the cream cheese front, you can make your own cream cheese dips, and they taste way better than what you get in the store. I start with a block of the cream cheese (much cheaper than the stuff for dips) and beat in a bit of slightly warm water, until the texture is appropriately dip/spread like, as needed. Then I add the flavourings. Fresh herbs, lemon zest and juice and a bit of garlic is good, either mixed herbs, or something specific like fresh dill or chives. Roasted red pepper, roasted garlic and a touch of balsamic vinegar is also lovely.

    Carmelized onions and blue cheese can make a good flavouring with a yoghurt, sour cream or mayo base.

    I like mayo or yoghurt blended with wasabi, although I prefer it as a vegetable dip to a potato chip one.

    1. Chocolate syrup with Sriracha. Works wonderfully with basic potato chips.

      1. A cup of cottage cheese with 2 Tbs or so of mayo, salt & pepper to taste. Also, Ventura Foods Homade Chili Sauce right out of the jar.

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          Ricotta with whatever spices you like.

        2. 1 8-ounce package of cream cheese, softened
          1 bunch of green onions
          1/4 c. boiling water
          2 beef bouillon cubes

          Finely chop tops only of green onions. Dissolve bouillon cubes in boiling water. Add broth to cream cheese and beat well. Add the green onions. If too thick, add a few drops of water.


          1. Easy Mexican Dip

            1 tube regular (or hot) sausage
            1 8 oz cream cheese
            1 8 oz sour cream
            1 16 oz jar Medium chunky salsa
            1 lb. shredded cheddar cheese

            Brown the sausage in a skillet, break down into smaller pieces while frying. Pour off as much of the grease as possible. ( I put sausage into paper towels and blot also)

            Lower the heat and put the cream cheese in with the sausage until it breaks down and becomes creamy. Turn off heat and add sour cream and jar of salsa. It will look pink.

            Put in a 8 x 11 ovenproof pan. Bake at 350 for 20 minutes or until almost bubbly. Take out and top with shredded Cheddar and return to oven for 5 minutes.

            I like it w/scoops

            Trust me, your friends will be asking for the recipe...

            1. I favor homemade hummus. Canned or home cooked chickpeas form the base, with addition of garlic to taste, tahini, and lemon or lime juice. I add chicken broth to mine, instead of olive oil. You mix everything in a food processor. Salt to taste. Let it sit for a bit, and then you eat it with veggies or chips.

              1. I grew up with my mom's clam dip. Still make it to this day. Sunday afternoons, everyone sitting around the table playing cards and eating clam dip. Cream Cheese, Garlic Salt, Worcestershire sauce, clam juice (just enough to make creamy and thin down the cream cheese for dipping consistency) and chopped clams. Usually used those "Ruffles" type potato chips.

                Of course there is always the "taco dip" that we used those little "hot sauce" packets from Taco Bell in. :-)

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                  Love me some clam dip! We would use sour cream, chopped clams, worchestershire sauce, and a packet of Lipton Onion Soup Mix.

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                    Thirding the clam dip love. I like mine with canned clams, half cream cheese/half sour cream, red onion, Worcestershire, lemon juice, parsley, red bell pepper and some Spanish smoked paprika.

                2. Smoked oyster is my favorite, in a cream cheese base thinned with half&half. Also finely minced white onion and L&P worcestershire sauce.

                  I've always made this with commonly available canned smoked oysters (drain the oil and remove excess oil from oysters), but I was recently at Bell Buoy of Seaside and was eyeing the smoked Willapa Bay oysters and thinking of chip dip. I didn't have time for it this trip, but someday . . .

                  1. Growing up eating sour cream + Lipton's onion soup mix, the caramelized onion dip at Michael's Genuine Food in Miami was a revelation. I bought the cookbook and make it at home now.


                    1. The first dinner party I attended as a university student was hosted by several british exchange students and they served plain chips with labneh and the most amazing vegetarian pasta with leek and tomato sauce. I don't know if the dip was as good as I remember or if the legend started with the crush I had on one of the hosts.

                      1. Jalepeno popper dip- cream cheese, old cheddar grated, a few Tbsp. Parmesan, a ton of minced jalepenos. Spread in a baking dish, top with lots of pako crumbs and bake until brown and crispy.My guilty pleasue and I eat the whole thing myself whe no-one is home!

                        1. A friend of mine used to make this dip and shaped it in a ball and everyone loved it. She never told the recipe and one day I pulled her aside and I said, I know it's base is cream cheese, but what else is in it. She laughed and said it's the easiest dip and you may never eat it again when you know. Room temperature cream cheese, a little pepper and chipped dried beef. Yep, SOS. Sounds gross, but so good.

                          Another great is canned chopped clams, added to butter sauteed onion and garlic and topped with plain bread crumbs (can also use crushed Ritz crackers). Of course, you could add cheese, substitute imitation or chopped crab meat.

                          When I have leftover chips and no dip, I get a little blue cheese dressing...a couple of teaspoons of sriracha (or any hot sauce or buffalo wing sauce) and PRESTO instant dip.

                          My ex makes a buffalo chicken finger dip which insane. Make the wings, chop up and add to cream cheese and sour cream and add more hot sauce to taste.

                          So many simple things you can do to spice up the dip world, haah

                          1. Carmelized onion dip......carmelize a bunch of onions. Mix with sour cream (whatever ratio works for you), some Lea & Perrins, hot sauce (I like the Tabasco Chipotle, but whatever works for you...also like Siracha), salt and pepper and some grated lemon rind. Put in the frig for a few hours, check seasonings and get a big bag of fresh Ruffles.

                            1. Jezebel Sauce Dip is a standard at many southern parties. Works better with crackers than chips but it's still tasty.


                              1. 16 replies and no one said Rotel with Lays Scoops.

                                1 can hot Rotel.
                                1 lb Velveeta
                                1 "Family Size" bag of Lays scoops.

                                Simple and easy.


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                                  I love the Ro-Tel dip......even better with browned sausage of beef added.

                                2. Our old family favorite is shrimp dip in which the original recipe called for those little store-bought shrimp cocktails back in the 60s. It is super easy and there is never any left. My version is 8 oz. block of cream cheese, 1/2 cup (more or less to taste) cocktail sauce (I mix ketchup and horseradish), and 5-6 oz. minced cooked shrimp, a dash of worcestershire sauce and a squeeze of lemon juice. I sometimes season the shrimp with a little Old Bay seasoning, but I'm addicted to the stuff. We always serve it with both potato chips and Fritos.

                                  My sister makes a great cold clam dip that is basically as described by others above but she uses sour cream and minced red and green bell peppers. It has such a fresh taste.

                                  Another sister makes a great hot clam dip with a mix of cream cheese and sour cream, sauteed mushrooms and crumbled, cooked bacon, baked until bubbling. It is perfect with potato chips.

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                                    I had completely forgotten about those little shrimp cocktails in glass jars. I loved those things.

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                                      A very early memory of mine is my mom reuising the little jars to serve juice in the mornings. Seemed very fancy!

                                  2. In Germany in the 70's, chips were made from reconstituted potato flakes. Now you know where the idea of Pringle's originated. Dip was made from a packet that imparted a gritty nongarlic, nonchili herbal flavor to the nonfat Quark. Think of Quark as jellied milk without the flavor.

                                    The shop on my kaserne started to carry sour cream, but no onion soup mix. My substitution was Knorr's mulligatawney soup packet. Let it sit for a few hours to reconstitute the veggies. Made even German crisps palatable. Until the next Care package from Mom filled with Doritos.

                                    Still enjoy it to this day.

                                    1. A dip that DH likes to make is heat up a can of chili without beans, then add in block of cream cheese and stir till melted. Nice and warm. Great with regular chips and nacho chips, but even better with fritos scoop chips.

                                      1. Bison sour cream and onion dip, made in Buffalo, NY, available through Amazon.

                                        It's delicious.

                                        1. Okay-responding to my original post--thabks for allof the dip recipes. Between the huge response to the potato chips and now the dips--I am thankfully overwhelmed--happily. I knew that all of you Chowhounders would come through.

                                          I just thought of that spinach dip--will have to Google the recipe--and the artichoke dip. I am experimenting withg a pineapple, jackcheese, cheddar cheese and sour cream dip. I guess it will have to be warm. Not that conducive to potato chips--but then again--those thick cut chips could hold up to the dip. Happy chipping and dipping. FoiGras

                                          1. Roasted carrot hummus is one of my favourites. I really like Green Goddess, herbed ricotta, roasted red pepper with walnut and creamy pistachio.