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Mar 23, 2012 05:18 PM

Brunch for a large group

Hi All,

Will be heading to Chicago in May and I would like to make reservations for brunch for 10 adults and 4 kids. The hitch - it will be on Mother's Day. I know - possibly the worst day to make brunch plans! But it is what it is. I have already made a reservation at The Publican - do you think that is our best bet? My husband and I are super excited to eat there, as we loved Blackbird on a prior visit. There are a couple of picky eaters in the bunch. I know many great places don't take reso's, but that is a must with this large of a crowd. We also would like to avoid places with a prix fixe for Mother's Day. Let me know what you think.


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  1. Had brunch there last Sunday and loved it. They have both esoteric options and "safe" choices like waffles, pecan rolls, and sweet pastries. The current online menu is up to date, so judge from that.

    Admittedly the space gets crowded and loud, but I imagine it'll be less of a "scene" than Mother's Day than other places catering specifically to the mother's day crowd.

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      Thanks, uhockey! Appreciate the input. I have done a little more research and have decided to stick with The Publican. Really looking forward to it!

      1. re: meggie t

        ...get the waffle. Even if it is just one or two to share around. It is the best waffle I've ever tasted, bar none.

        1. re: uhockey

          Oh my. That looks delicious!! I will definitely get that...under the guise it is for my 2 year old.