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Quality Dry Aged Beef in metro Detroit??!!??

Hello all. I live in the Novi area, and would like to have a source for dry aged beef (preferably 2.5 inch bone in 60 day ribeyes!!!). Hoping the new Joes butcher show at the old Byrds location may carry them. Anyone have a good source?

--kind of expecting that JanPrimus
Is filming a movie about dry aged
free range Waygu...and has extra!!

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      I'm interested, too. I don't know any local butchers who deliberately age beef to a specification. By the way, what's a "janprimus?"

      1. re: VTB

        The Story behind JanPrimus: http://beeradvocate.com/articles/604

        No...the movie I was working on was about a Pasture raised, humanly killed Mangalitsa pig (who we ate last night at Forest Grill).

        As for the aged beef....About the only place I would think to check for Dry Aged Beef..or who would no how to get you some would be the folks over at Sparrow Meats in Ann Arbor. I am totally into trying emmetbaratta's option of fairwaypacking shown down below though.

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          Wow - I always assumed you were a Les Claypool fan! This makes more sense.

          1. re: tokyo

            Oh I could enjoy some slap bass and a beer at the same time, but I am more of a Pixies guy.

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              As any self-respecting GenXer should be. IMO. :)

    2. I'm all about supporting the locals, but do yourself a favor and order your dry aged beef from Bryan Flannery (http://www.bryansfinefoods.com/). Do yourself an even bigger favor and call, making sure you talk to Bryan. He can talk beef, and I mean the best beef in America.
      I've had quite a few of his offerings, and nothing I've eaten anywhere comes close.

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      1. re: emmetbaratta

        I will definitely be checking out Fairway Packing. Sounds and looks impressive.
        I'm glad you posted here, otherwise I would never have known you existed.
        I'm really excited to try your beef! And the pork as well.
        Do you have veal bones for stock?

        1. re: Markcron

          Bryan and his meat are both great. However, the last time I was in his Marin store one of the employees said that they were closing their retail outlets. Not sure if they have done that yet.

        2. whoa...I didn't realize Byrd's had closed! When did that happen?

          1. I was able to make it to the Eastern Market Saturday morning, and picked up some steaks from Fairway Packing.
            Emmet gave me a tour of the new dry aging room. It was quite impressive, and they have several restaurants aging beef in there.
            I picked up a 28 day dry aged NY strip, and a 14 day dry aged ribeye.

            On Saturday night I cooked the ribeye. Well I slightly overcooked it, but it was still a very nice steak. Very impressive beefy flavor.
            On Sunday, I cooked the NY strip. Better execution on my cooking, but I preferred the stronger beefy flavor of the ribeye.

            I plan to buy from Fairway on a regular basis (including a whole ribeye that Emmet will age for me for a golf outing in June - cool feature is he will email pictures weekly of the beef as it ages), as the price is simple unbeatable.
            I will say that I still prefer the dry aged beef from Bryan Flannery (ordering on the phone, 2 day air shipping) - it is more marbled and a better texture then the Fairway, in my opinion. But I know some people would surely prefer the Fairway product, and it is much much more economical then Flannery. And I will eat Fairway more often do to the cost.

            Here are some pictures (which also show the fresh MI asparagus I picked up).

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            1. re: Markcron

              "...I've engaged Emmet to age a prime rib for me and my chums at the Country Club." Very bourgeois, sir. ;-)

              Thank you for all the info. I shall check it out (even though Fairway was getting a little obnoxious on our board). Just curious--how much per pound did you pay for the prime rib?

              1. re: VTB

                I also ordered an entire rib section to be aged at Fairway. It is currently at 15 days, and I cannot wait!! The pricing really varies as you can choose from several diferent quality levels (Prime, Piedmontese, Kobe levels 4-9), and many different cuts. I went with the level 6 Kobe. As compared to buying the same product online I did VERY well for myself. Plus I dig the weekly updates as well....food nerd-ery at its finest.

                1. re: Quit2Chef

                  "...food nerd-ery at its finest."

                  Oh, I am *totally* using this, whether I have permission or not! ;)

                2. re: VTB

                  Very funny - I'm the opposite of country club set, but I do love prime beef.
                  The prime was <$20 per LB. I don't know the prices for the Wagyu etc.

                  1. re: VTB

                    Alright Markcron and Q2C, I finally made it to Fairway during their regular retail hours, and I like you have drunk the Kool-Aid. If some expert proclaimed this place as “one of the top ten Direct Retail specialty beef purveyors in America,” I would not be surprised. Surely there are a couple places in New York and a couple other one-off spots (Chicago?, Houston?), but Fairway must be among the elite.

                    I’m not an expert but I have been to at least some of the more reputable places such as Harvey’s Guss Meats near Beverly Hills, CA. My impression/opinion of Fairway is even better (regardless of whether I’m a skeptic about the whole Himalayan salt filter stuff or the trademarked cattle breeds).

                    I’m not saying this place is mad genius artisan. I just mean to convey that this highly competent family has honed its practices over three generations, and they are in a small niche with almost no equals. They seem to be trying to supplement their wholesale business with some specialty retail sales; and, by specialty sales I mean marketing to foodies. Okay. I’m certainly game.

                    I walked in today ten minutes before closing, dressed like a dumb-a**, yet was treated like a VIP. A half hour tour, and I offered to buy just one steak. I ended up buying two, but that’s because I got an end-of-the-week closing time special, and because I’m a softy. They were the same as in Marcron’s ribeye photo, but mine were aged 35 days(!), if memory serves. Each was about one and a third pounds and $30 (per steak). I was told this was a discount price and I was happy to pay it.

                    I didn’t grill mine. I salted it and left it on a rack on my counter for a couple hours, and then slow baked it at 220F for a couple hours (don’t quote me on the time), until the center reached 132F (shoot me if you wish). Then, I let it rest, oiled it and then moved it around an inch below the broiler element until the surface deeply darkened. Exquisite, rich fat. Some char on the outside would have been nice. Next time.

                    This platter was pure class. I can’t wait until the next Prime Rib holiday opportunity. I’m going to be a hero. I’d also like to try Fairway’s specialty blend of ground aged beef. By the way, if you look at the tags on the subprimals while touring, you will see a “who’s who” of ultra upscale local independent restaurants which feature premium beef. That speaks for itself.

                    1. re: VTB

                      If you’ll excuse me for bumping the thread again, I wanted to add a few specifics about why I think Fairway stands out. Most are my observations and not tidbits from their homepage. Mr. Baratta (Emmet) is acquainted with most of the ranches, not just the processors. There are a variety of breed choices and grade levels within in each type. The product supposedly is pasture raised and only briefly finished on grain (or in some cases never). Most of the sources don’t use antibiotics, and the ones who do only administer it when the animal is diagnosed with an infection, as opposed to spraying it on the daily feed as a “preventative.”

                      Custom butchering and aging are readily offered. The owner is hands-on and is very open and transparent with his facility! The facility and the direct outlet business model are low in overhead.

                      Those cost savings are not necessarily directly passed to customers, but the profitability helps keep Fairway in business for the long haul, deters corner cutting, and apparently* allows for employees to make more than minimum wage such that meat handlers/support would have something to lose by blowing off proper procedures.
                      *I have no idea whether they make more than minimum wage, but even the guys wiping down the walls paused to give me a welcoming smile and greeting (good sign that they take some pride in their place of employment).

                      1. re: VTB

                        Mr. Baratta is freeakin enthusiastic, isn't he?
                        Better yet is the lovely Mehgan in the front office ;)
                        I picked up 2 ribeyes and 2 NYs a couple weekends ago, they were fantastic,
                        Also, got the burger mix, which was really great. Just be careful grilling, as the fat content is off the charts (I had major flare ups)

                        I expect they will have some deals this month, as they were planning some huge orders for Wings playoff games, and we all know what happened there ....

                        1. re: Markcron

                          Probably some good deals on octopus at Superior as well...#($^)*@#$^ Wings.

                  2. re: Markcron

                    Michigan asparagus??? Already? I figured it would be early...did you get it at Eastern Market?

                      1. re: Markcron

                        I made Asparagus and Ramps with Lemon for Easter. Both less than a day out of the ground...MMmmmmmm

                        1. re: Markcron

                          For those available on the 25th from 11am-2pm, there is a pretty awesome sounding promotion going on at Fairway---- https://www.facebook.com/events/12900...
                          "Some of Metro Detroit's best chefs will be given a chance to grind their own special meat blend on-site, grill up their creations and then face a panel of judges. Guests are invited to watch the chefs throw down and to eat burgers." (Also, up to noon you can meet Marcron in the reception area---you'll understand when you get there.)
                          I'm told that the burgers will be free, which usually is a bad sign but in the case of Fairway just might be a really good thing(?).

                          1. re: VTB

                            Haha, that is funny. I actually spent 15 minutes in the reception area this past Saturday morning (so cute!), enjoyed every minute, almost as much as I enjoyed the dry aged Wagyu ribeye that evening.
                            Don't think I can make it on the 25th though, boss is having a big BBQ in the afternoon.

                            1. re: Markcron

                              Did they reveal where that "Wagyu" was actually from?

                              1. re: Fowler

                                No but I did not ask. I assumed some Midwest farm, but what do I know.
                                These had a marble score of 7-9 , which I assume is not that special.

                                1. re: Markcron

                                  They are from Imperial Waygu in Nebraska.