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Mar 23, 2012 04:37 PM

Decent Chinese in lower Westchester?

Maybe a passable Sichuan, or Hunan, or Cantonese restaurant?

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  1. Is White Plains lower enough Westchester for you? If so, Aberdeen (in the lobby of the Marriott Residence Inn on Barker Avenue) is a very good choice for Cantonese.

    Imperial Wok on Route 22 in North White Plains has a small Sichuan menu that I've gotten several good dishes off of. It also has a small Taiwanese menu that I haven't sampled yet, but others have said good things about.

    If you're looking for roast meats, Kam Sen in the White Plains Mall is a decent option. The mall also has Bao's, which is mainly Chinese-American, but Chinese-American done better than your average takeout joint.

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      I agree with all of those suggestions. I don't know of any other decent Chinese in lower Westchester, and I've been to most of them south of White Plains between Central Ave and the Hutchinson River pkwy.

    2. I always thought Pagoda on Central Ave. in Scarsdale had a higher quality food.

      1. Hartsdale Gardens on Central Avenue is quite good.

        1. Gem is good but pricey!
          1838 Central Park Avenue is just about across the street from Highridge Shopping Center-

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              I think Baos is closed. It certainly looked it the other day.

              1. re: GrifinMil

                Ordered delivery from Bao's on Sunday, so as far as I know, it's still open.