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What to do with orange marmalade?

Not one, not two, but three friends gave me jars of homemade orange marmalade recently. I don't like it on its own (or even in spreads). I know I can do some sort of balsamic orange chicken or pork chop concoction, but I'd love to hear other ways to use up about a quart of the stuff. Only one small jar is shelf-stable, so the clock will eventually run out.

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  1. Besides using a lot of it in marinades I use it in salad dressing...add a little hot dijon mustard, sherry or rice vinegar, oil & sometimes smoked paprika or shallots.

    1. Breakfast Martini....
      A breakfast martini is a form of cocktail created by bartender Salvatore Calabrese. The most famous "marmalade cocktail", [1] it is a gin martini with marmalade, orange liqueur, and lemon juice in place of vermouth.[2

      1. Serve with Scotch eggs.


        1. thumbprint cookies.
          warm, add some hot pepper slices and serve with pork or chicken.
          Fill crepes

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            +1 on the warmed with hot pepper slices/sauce/marinade. You can tweak with garlic, a little ginger, scallion, depending on what flavor notes you want to highlight. Super. I've also slathered crock pot roasts with it.

          2. I gave the 2 Susan's (the Two Hot Tamales chefs) each a jar of orange jam (not marmalade) as I don't like marmalade. This was years ago with my recipe for my sunny southern California chicken. I know ...lotta nerve. They'd given me something so I wanted to give a gift back albeit small.
            Anyway love chicken and fruit flavors, orange being a good marriage. With your marmalade, first thing is do is strain off the orange rind and use it from there. Easy enough to do, warn it in hot water in the jar, pour it in a strainer, let just the clear orange flavored jelly come into a bowl under the strainer put it back in jar and use as desired
            1. stir into a sugar cookie dough.
            2. add some to a quick bread batter
            3. Dijon mustard-olive oil-your jelly-fresh citrus juice-garlic-onion-salt&pepper, salad dressing or marinade
            4. pinch of red pepper flakes mixed in your jelly dolloped over a brick of cream cheese served with quality crackers, appetizer

            1. I use it occasionally to make a quick, inauthentic Duck a l'orange, thinned with some Gran Marnier.

              1. If you are open to sweets and like orange in general, I use it in an orange almond cake where it really disappears into the cake (no one guesses it's in there). I also don't care for it on its own, but it adds great flavor to the cake.

                The recipe is here: http://www.chow.com/recipes/30221-ora...

                1. Delicious spread on bread/brioche (with butter of course) for Bread and Butter Pudding. Layer spread side down in a suitable dish and cover with a rich and sweet custard (eggs, milk, cream, sugar, vanilla). Bake until set, serve warm with lots more cream!

                  1. Soak some flaky white fish (I usually use a basic tilapia) in buttermilk. While it's soaking, throw half a stick of softened butter into a food processor with a big dollop of marmalade and a dash of cayenne. Remove the fish from buttermilk, dredge in a mix of panko, finely chopped pecans, brown sugar, salt and pepper and either pan-fry or bake on high heat. To serve, put the fish on a plate and top with a dollop of marmalade butter, so that it melts over the fish.

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                      This sounds good. I don't like orangey sweets, but something like this might work.

                    2. Put this Maple Orange glaze on a ham.

                      Maple-Orange Glaze

                      3/4 cup maple syrup
                      1/2 cup orange marmalade
                      2 tablespoons unsalted butter
                      1 tablespoon Dijon mustard
                      1 teaspoon ground black pepper
                      1/4 teaspoon ground cinnamon

                      Combine all ingredients in small saucepan. Cook over medium heat until it thickens and reduced to about 1 cup. It should take about 7 - 10 minutes. Baste the ham with it every 15 minutes or so the last 45 - 60 minutes.

                      1. You are blessed with good friends. I take some orange marmalade and dilute it a bit with brandy (not cognac) so it is not too sweet. I then spread that on chicken breasts (skinless, bone-in is what I prefer). Wrap in foil and bake in the toaster oven or broil unwrapped. It is an easy dish that goes over well. Served with a veggie and wild rice or buttery potatoes it makes a dish that requires little prep time.

                        Diluting orange marmalade (or lime marmalade) with brandy makes it even better, IMHO and I can spread that on pork tenderloin, too. I like the fish idea above.

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                          I usually dilute my orange marmalade with Gran Marnier, which I guess is a type of brandy...although sweet. I dilute blueberry preserves with blueberry port, raspberry preserves with Chambord and so on. Genius! and easy.

                        2. I've baked the following from Nigella's How to be a Domestic Goddess & it is quite good.


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                            This recipe looks good (and easy--bonus!) but I usually only have all purpose flour. Would it work with that or do I have to get the self-rising flour as listed?


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                              You can sub all-purpose for self-rising by adding 1 1/2 tsp. baking powder and a bit of salt to each cup of all-purpose flour.

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                                Thanks--that is super helpful. I've also got a lot of jams/jellies/marmalade to use up.

                                Edit--I forgot to add, kosher salt or table salt. I would guess the latter but I could be wrong.

                                Thanks again.

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                                As Caitlin suggested should be fine...I just happened to have self-rising flour.

                            2. I've always used orange marmalade as a foundation for an orange-y sauce for my stir fries. I whisk it in a bowl with some soy sauce, often some sort of oil, some spices, stock, hot sauce, corn starch and whatever else I have that I want in it and then toss it with the veg & meat towards the end. It's easy and always goes over well with my friends.

                              1. Roll sugar cookie dough out flat, spread with marmalade and bake. When done drizzle with chocolate... delicious!

                                1. I use marmalade in a sweet-hot cole slaw dressing: mayo as the base, then sour cream, marmalade, small amount of ketchup, hot sauce (tabasco) to taste, salt, pepper, red wine vinegar. I like it not too sweet and with a big kick, but you can easily vary the amounts. I always do by taste. You can also add honey for additional sweetness. the slaw itself is just green cabbage, or with carrot and/or green onion. it's a good slaw and dressing to use on something like an oyster po-boy. dip oysters in egg, then in a cornmeal/flour mixture, well seasoned. pan fry until golden brown on each side. eat on a soft roll with some of the dressing as a spread, a bed of slaw, then the fried oysters.

                                  1. I make a sauce for pork tenderloin. Beef & chicken broth reduced with chipotle, shallots & orange marmalade. It is divine!