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Mar 23, 2012 02:17 PM

SLO Sat FM - treats that will travel?

I buried this question in another thread and thought I'd give it it's due. Anyway I'm visiting SLO Tom Chico through Sunday and an looking forward to visiting the Sat FM. I love them and will be missing my weekly home one. Anyway does anyone have any favorites that will trave well? There is a fridge in my hotel but I foolishly did not bring a cooler and don't plan to buy one. Thanks!!!

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  1. Oh Gosh! well, for sweet ggodies, the food tents at the west end of the lot are great. Stewart and Clark (Fiero Cafe) have breakfast pastries and cookies, fritatta, plus homemade marshmallows, The Neon Carrot sometimes has fritters, breakfast frittata, granola, etc. The organic cafe usually has good scones, criossants, etc, as well as soups, and sauerkraut. Buona Tavola Italian Rest. brings their wonderful salumi and frozen link sausage. (eye-rolling good) and there is a Portuguese dairy from Lemoore area with fresh farmer's cheese. There is a middle eastern stand with hummus, pita chips, lots of other goodies; there is a local small batch (reallllly small) coffee roaster doing his thing.

    Then there are the market booths. Don't miss Ralph Johnson's biodynamics farm booth with dandelion, greens and herbs, as well as heirloom tomato plants. At the east end near the stores, Karry and farmer Kim Bell from Coalinga sell organic pistachios (ask for a sample or two) and right now organic asparagus and artichokes. Also oranges. Later in the season they do righteous cherries. Next to Kim is an apple farm selling fresh eggs and wonderful spicy fruit jams. So good! On the other side of Kim's is a farmer from the Central Valley with all kinds of fancy Asian greens. There are organic mandarin oranges you can eat, peel and all, from Mike Cirrone. Cal Poly has an organics booth from their school farm. Mt Olive Organic Farm in Paso has a very inclusive booth--fruit, juices, greens, eggs, fruit candies, etc. The Honey Man is always there. Santa Margarita's Rionconada Dairy (raw sheep's milk) is there with frozen fresh pork (fed on whey) ham steaks, also grass fed beef and chickens, all frozen. There are a couple of greenhouse tomato growers, flowers of all kinds, some landscape plants (but nothing special there) and orchids. Fernambergs from Arroyo Grande Valley have wonderful walnuts in the shell and cracked meats. There is an organic grower who comes up from the Santa Ynez Valley with all kinds of organic lettuce and row crops, also beautiful organic carrots in all colors. Lots of other small family farm growers and lots of FRESH strawberries. They're not as sweet yet as they will be, but flavorful none the less. The lavendar farm has all sorts of products for sale. Their aromatherapy pillows are wonderful.

    It's not a huge big city market, but the freshness can't be beat. I make the 30 mile drive every Sat, to give my '65 Falcon a good run. See you there?

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      Well this isn't really too late as I'll be back down this summer so I appreciate the post and your always sound advice. On my own I ended up with an apricot biscuit( I think they called it) and a orange shortbread cookie from the neon carrot. Also some mandarins from the Cal Poly stand, some strawberries( chose badly on this even though I tried one) , some sugar snap peas(not at our FM yet ), and some shallots. Was tempted by plants but obviously makes a lot more sense to get them where I live. I wanted to check out the strawberry stand on Los Osos V rd across the freeway from our hotel but missed it. I'll try to post earlier on my next trip.

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        we really need more heat than we've gotten yet to get the berries to their best. May is optimal. If you are back this summer, try the berries and more at the Ortiz Farm Stand on The Pike in Arroyo Grande. Unsprayed and delish; look for pick your own strawberry and raspberry events there in summer. Take Fair Oaks exit southbound in AG, turn left at Halcyon, then left onto The Pike, about 1/4 mile on left in euc tree grove. Very nice farm stand.

        There is another good FM in SLO on Sunday, at the Kennedy Fitness center on Tank Farm, just east of the Trader Joe's center on South Higuera (which is just around the corner from the berry stand on LOVR).

        What/ where is the FM in Chico? I used to get there once a year to visit MIL Dear, but rarely now, to see her and my late hubby's dear cousins (the Williams family, owners of Burger Hut). Was there in Feb for 1/2 day.