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Mar 23, 2012 01:48 PM

Chocolada - Yonge/Steeles

Has anyone been to this place? If so, what would you recommend, and how are their prices (pastries, cakes, etc).


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  1. I buy Napoleans there - they seem to have a good assortment of pastries/cakes. Prices seem reasonable.

    1. The sour cream cake (not sure the official name) - multiple layers of very thin cake (alternating between chocolate and something that appears to be white/vanilla) with this sour cream filling in between each layer - is very good. Comes in quarter or half slabs and is covered with this chocolate ganache. Not really a budget establishment.

      1. For most part the baking is good. On occasion I have been disappointed as the cakes seemed dry. I wondered if they could be frozen prior to assembling.
        Quiches are excellent.
        Staff are impatient and curt not at all customer friendly.