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Mar 23, 2012 01:22 PM

hot cross bun help

It's my impression (for no particular reason) that yeast breads are best when freshly cooked, while quick breads improve as they sit. I don't even know why I have that impression, so I could be completely wrong.

But here's my question: I have to bring hot cross buns to an early morning meeting tomorrow. My life would be easier if I could cook them tonight. I've made the batter and my immediate plan was to do the first rise, form, refrigerate, and cook in the morning. But I'd like to cook them now. I just worry they'll be stale if I do that.

It's the KAF recipe : has both yeast and baking soda, lots of fruit soaked in rum, a very wet dough.

Anyone have any thoughts?


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  1. Whenever i make hot cross buns theyre usully still good eats the next morning, but i guess it may vary on your recipe.. however i'm sure it will be fine if you bake them tonight

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    1. re: bonniebee

      Thanks! I decide to go ahead and make them. I value my sleep more than I fear slightly stale hot cross buns.

    2. Here's a review of different Hot Cross Buns recipes from Britain in the Guardian newspaper:

      "How to cook perfect hot cross buns"