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Mar 23, 2012 01:03 PM

Need good eats and drinks for Derby Day in Louisville and Bardstown

My wife and I will be staying in Bardstown and going to the Derby. I've heard and read about some of the restaurants in Louisville, but have seen almost nothing about Bardstown. We're planning on a lunch and a dinner at Proof on Main. I've seen mixed things about Jack Fry's. We'd like to eat and drink well, especially after having been introduced to those fabulous mint juleps at a delightful wedding at Keeneland 2 years ago. Any other advice or tips would be greatly appreciated.

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  1. Your best bet in Bardstown is Circa. Bourbons Bistro is good for a more casual meal. Go to Toddys to load up on bourbon to take home.

    Jack Frys can be good but I tend to prefer the East Market/ Nulu area. Rye has great cocktails and good food. Haven't been to Decca yet but it looks tasty. For the true cocktail nerd a visit to Meat should be on the list.

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      Thanks. These sound like some great ideas. Let's try "cocktail aficionado" instead.

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        Of course "cocktail nerd" was a term of endearment. Aficionado works too.

        Something to keep in mind: it seems I remember that Circa may have been closed on Derby Day in the past. Also, a restaurant that is scheduled to open in April is Bistro Voliere at 732 Market St. It should be worth a visit if open in May. Too bad you missed 732 Social before its untimely demise.

        Also if you're a craft beer aficionado (or nerd) a visit to Holy Grale or Louisville Beer Store (same owners) is a must. The upscale bar food at the Grale is worth the trip alone.

        For other tips on the Louisville scene check out this site: