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Mar 23, 2012 01:03 PM


I have a friend coming to town from London and besides requesting we eat brunch, is craving a turkey reuben. Anyone have an idea where I can find one in Seattle? We will be all over town at one point or another. I may just have to convince her the Paseo is the best sandwich option in the city.

Thank you!

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  1. Smarty Pants in Georgetown makes a damn fine turkey reuben.

    1. Roxy's Diner in Fremont makes them.

      1. The turkey ruben at Montlake Alehouse is fantastic. Their beer selection is good as well.

        1. You could do nothing but take your London pal around town for turkey reubens, but if it is a sunny day (despite the frost on the crocus this morning, it's gonna happen), the bright pink Shilshole Paseo shack would double the "only in Seattle" points if you get your sandwich and head across the street to Golden Gardens to settle in and devour it on the beach. We went last weekend in the windy cold snow/rain and t'was delicious. If it really is sunny and you aren't wearing rain gear the day you go, consider schlepping along a tablecloth to wear over your clothes. As you well know, the sandwiches are the epitome of messy goodness.The beverage offerings at Paseo are pretty limited - you might want to bring your own if you go to the beach shack Paseo.

          Back to the original request: In addition to the other good T. Reuben suggestions, there is also Essential Bakery: "Rachel" (as copied from their menu:"Pastrami, “Rachel” (Turkey) or Portobella Reuben $8.50 whole / $4.25 half sandwich: Choose cured pastrami, oven roasted turkey or portobella, with gruyère cheese, house-made Russian dressing and red cabbage sauerkraut on our Rye bread". 'Tis my daughter's fav. Essential Bakery also has good soups and salads as well as bakery items and breads. But, coffee/juice/only at Essential - having the option of good beer with the Reuben may make one of the other numerous suggestions more desirable - depends whether your pal wants a pint with her Reuben or wants the options available from a coffeehouse / bakery setting.