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Mar 23, 2012 12:49 PM


Any leads on good pubs or food including inexpensive fish and chips, kebabs and the like in this town near Stroud? Thank you!

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  1. Hardens lists Wild Garlic at 3 Cossack Square.

    Although I often find it unreliable, the Good Pub Guide has Egypt Mill listed

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      Thank you Harters and thanks for those sources also.

    2. I live in Stroud.

      Nailsworth is actually a bit up-market in terms of food. That is, It has good food but it is not cheap.

      Wild Garlic is definitely really good but also not cheap although i would say it is good value. I had a delicious Sunday lunch there last month. Fresh, very well-prepared food. The best food in Nailsworth, without a doubt.

      William's Fish Market sells fresh fish that they fly in from Cornwall. They also have tables where you can order oysters, fish & chips and the like. Again, really delicious.

      There's a great bakery in town called Hobbs House which is a cafe as well. Perfect for good coffee and outstanding pastries.

      I wouldn't recommend Egypt Mill for its food, really, Its in a beautiful setting though and the pub belongs to the Egypt Mill hotel. Mostly good as a tea spot rather than a lunch spot.

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        Count your Egypt Mill comment as more confirmation of the unreliability of the Pub Guide.

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          That's really appreciated. Will be there visiting friends for almost a week and we'll be hanging out, and branching out with some day trips to Bath, other family in Chipping Norton and some of the cool stone circles in the area. My wife is well along pregnant so I'm certain we'll be doing our share of nesting with friends in Nailsworth, thus the import of your terrific tips! One other thing, what pubs are good for a boys night out, nothing fancy foodwise but perhaps someplace has really fine ales (??) or special types of brews that we can't here in California where I'm from? I'm particularly looking forward to those on the food/drink docket.

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            I'm afraid I dont know the pubs around Nailsworth really well. For beer, I stick to my local - the Prince Albert in Rodborough. I've heard good things about the Ram Inn in Woodchester, closer to you though. For food, there's both the Amberley Inn and the Black Horse in nearby Amberley.

            I'll point you to the Real Ale, Gloucestershire site. It has lists and maps of all the pubs as well as what ales they serve:

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              Hobbs House runs a bistro on Friday and Saturday nights - supposed to be pretty good. I'd also second the recommendation for William's, which is a lovely little spot.

              On which point, The Old Spot, just up the road in Dursley, is a perennial award-winner of a pub, and it keeps its ales beautifully, if you fancy working your way through a few local brews...

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                really appreciate all the tips and will report back when i return mid-april

                some pints, oysters, pies ... all that sounds fantastic.....

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              Thanks for all the tips!

              We loved the cozy pubs including the George Inn up a hill overlooking town with perfect filet mignon on toast sandwich, the weighbridge inn with the 'famous 2 in 1 pies' which are half your choice (ie pork and stilton, steak and mushroom, and 4 more options) and half cauli and cheese, and the Britannia ("Brit") in center of town which does wood fired pizzas and other standard pub fare. The ales around here were much variety and with the "light" food and hills in the area, no prob sleeping.

              Also the passage to india had very creative and spicy curries that had little bits of eggplant (aubergine?) to sop up the tasty sauce.

              a quick plate of oysters and beer at williams was also refreshing and delish

              lastly, im a sucker for a nice kebab and there's a new shop at the crossroads in middle of town...they make their own hot sauce and it was atomic.

              for a small town, nailsworth has a ton of great food and we only scratched the surface.