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Aug 14, 2002 04:11 PM

Hawaiian Eats in Sacramento?

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I've heard that there's a place in South Sac that serves Hawaiian-style food (kalug pig, chicken long rice, loco moco, etc). Anybody know the name or location? Are there any other Hawaiian places in the Sacramento area? I know there are plenty in the Bay Area. The closest is probably Nainoa's in Fairfield, which is not bad, but not worth the drive IMO.

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  1. Huki-lau in midtown is about the only thing I know of that comes close.I have not eaten there but friends have and say its pretty good. It is run by the same people a Jack's, Pissano's (sic) Pizza, etc. There used to be the Zombie Hut that had exotic cusine but it's been gone a long time but was in the south area. Interesting, when I returned from Kauai i thought it would be a good idea to have a restaurant that served that type of food, to rekindle the island spirit. I thought enough people go to Hawaii every year to make it work, maybe. Sac is such a vanilla town that anything not ordinary would probably have a hard time surviving.

    1. There is Yummie Hawaii at the corner of Broadway and Stockton. It's not really Hawaaiian food though, just sushi (none too fresh) dressed up with island names. There is a Phillipine/Japanese restaurant off Stockton Road, I believe at Mack Road, that has some of the island pork dishes. Sorry I can't think of the name. I could show you where it is if you're really interested.

      Personally, I never had any food in Hawaii that I thought was worth anything. The best food I had when we were there was in a Korean restaurant. The second best was (shudder) in McDonald's.

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        yeah, i know that Huki Lau is pretty lame, but it was all I could think of and i like to stir up the natives every once in a while.

      2. I've been to the Huki-Lau in midtown Sacramento, and believe it represents to Hawaiian cuisine what "Two Guys From Italy" represents to Italian food. If, in the lack of better representation of what you're looking for, a vague, pasty reminder will do, then it will work fine. If you're looking for food that 's comparable to the food you have had in that area, it will leave you wanting, resentful, or angry. Unfortunately, I don't have a constructive alternative to offer.

        1. The original comment has been removed
          1. Good, bad, or indifferent, Huki Lau has closed.