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Mar 23, 2012 11:51 AM

Students Invading Baltimore: Good Eats on the Go

Hey Baltimore Chowhounds! A group of graduate students from the East NC area including myself are heading up to Baltimore Tuesday evening through Sunday morning for a conference and are hoping to get some advice on reasonably priced, but good places to go for any meal of the day. We'll be in and around the Inner Harbor area mostly, but willing to go as far as Fell's Point, Little Italy and further if worthwhile.

This is my second trip to the area this year, last time hitting places like Brewer's Art (a bit farther then we may want), Ten Ten for lunch, and some places around Fell's Point. I think $6-12 price range for meals is really what we're interested in, along with any interesting historic places in general like the Owl Bar, which we also visited last time. We're also looking for some cafe's to internet and spend some time working in during the week if possible.

So summary:
- $6-12 price range
- Inner Harbor, Fell's Point, Little Italy and any other walking distance location around that area
- Also in search of Cafe's and other locations for internet and to work in during the week
- Historic locations, brewery's also welcome. Brewery's with good food even more welcome!

I will be happy to report back on all our meals in Baltimore via blog, so give me your best shot! Thanks!

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  1. Ok I'll try to start things off
    Hull Street Blues in Federal Hill area
    Attman's Deli (lunch)
    Heavy Seas Alehouse
    Vaccaro's Bakery
    The above are all in the Little Italy area

    Duda's Tavern .
    Ale Mary's
    Zee Mean Bean
    Pitango Gelato
    The Above are in the Fells Point Area
    Make use of the CHARM CITY CIRCULATOR(Free Bus
    or the water Taxi


    1. Alewife is near the Inner Harbor. It's an excellent beer bar with great food and ambiance. Depending on what you order, and if you're figuring alcohol into the $6-12, it may exceed your budget.

      Trinacria is an Italian deli that does great sandwiches for lunch, but be prepared for a wait during prime lunch time.

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      1. re: guenevere51

        Trinacria is not to be missed. Another great Italian place, with perhaps 2-3 tables (Trinacria is take-out only) is Cafe Isabella -- outstanding porchetta subs and brick oven pizza. It's in Little Italy, just east of the Harbor.

        1. re: lawhound

          Trinacria is on Paca not in LI just so you aren't wandering around looking there!

          1. re: melpy

            Excellent! Long lines are no problem at all, it certainly sounds like it is worth the wait. I think lunch is well set for the week, will be checking out dinner locations, although a few of the breweries already sound like a good start.

      2. Kisling's Tavern in Fells Point. Good wings, steamed shrimp and soups.

        Krakus Deli in Fells point. Wonderful home-made varieties of Polish sausages, smoked, cured, dried...

        Abbey Burger Bistro in Federal Hill. Great burgers and a nice selection of beers.

        The Cross Street Market in Federal Hill for Nick's- good oysters, shrimp, crabcakes, sushi.

        Broadway Market in Fells Point for Vikkis lunch counter and Sophia's for dessert

        Lexington Market for Faidley's crabcakes, Sterling's codfish cakes, Mary Mervis for shrimp salad sandwiches, Mem Sahib for Indian lunch buffet, Berger's for chocolate-topped cookies. Too bad you won't be here coulda joined the Ringling Brothers elephants for lunch at the market.

        Meekong Delta for an authentic take on Vietnamese.

        Thai Arroy in Federal Hill.

        As mentioned previously, the Charm City Circulator is free and it has stops comvenient to these locations. Also, the water taxi connecter is free.

        Hope this helps! :)

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        1. re: Vidute

          Also good, cheap Thai is Thairish on Charles Street (a little ways north of the Harbor, but on the Circulator Purple route).

        2. Thanks for all the great replies so far everyone! I'm definitely excited by some of the options already.

            1. re: mdpilam

              Awesome! Have been craving some beef tongue tacos, will definitely stop there.

              Also, does anyone recommend Blue Moon Cafe? I tend to avoid Diner's, Drive-In's and Dives locations because of how touristy they tend to become after being featured, but captain crunch french toast is tempting.

              1. re: ForagingFoodie

                Blue Moon is quite good, but almost impossible to get in to. Maybe on a week day it will be easier, but expect to wait a while (at least an hour).

              2. re: mdpilam

                +1 to Tortilleria Sinaloa, and my husband loves the beef tongue tacos there. If you're in Fells Point, Pitango Gelato does nice gelato and killer hot chocolate. Max's has a stellar selection of beer (can't comment on the food, though) in a divided space that's got a sports bar up front and a more relaxed bar in the back.