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Mar 23, 2012 11:41 AM

4 days in NYC

I am coming to NYC for first time to celebrate my 50+ birthday!!
We wil be staying at the Surrey Hotel

After researching many threads here is what I have so far

Arrive thurs april 19- Boulud at hotel or Marea

Fri( birthday) EMP got reservation this am!!!!!!

Sat- Tamarind - my husband is from London and loves Indian food..I like modern to suggestions

Sun- scarpetti

Would love any comments suggestions..also looking for easy good food lunch spots

I love restaurants with great ambiance, good food and service and an occasional celebrity:-)

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  1. Tough call on the first night... I'm not a fan of Daniel Boulud or Haute French in general, but Cafe Boulud - his supposedly "second tier" place - is fantastic. Chef Kaysen is knocking it out of the park there. Marea is also very good, but only up to a point - the antipasti and pastas are top-notch, but I find the secondi a bit underwhelming. Maybe you could do them for lunch one day?

    Enjoy EMP. It's wonderful.

    I'd pass on Tamarind and go with Devi, Tulsi or Junoon instead. Tamarind is decent, but those three are a step above.

    I assume you mean Scarpetta. They're very, very good, though now that they're becoming a national chain I'm a little more hesitant to recommend them, especially if you have one anywhere near you to begin with. But if you can't get a rez at Babbo (my first choice for a great Italian meal) they're as good a second choice at that price point as you'll find - actually, I think their prices have risen above Babbo's a bit recently. Saw a couple of $40+ entrees there last I looked at the menu.

    For lunch - since it seems you like Italian - Del Posto's $39 lunch deal is fantastic, and for $10 more it can be upgraded to a full four-course "proper Italian" meal - normally you choose pasta OR entree for your main course, with the upgrade you get both. Nice place for lunch, too, since you'll be right by the High Line, good for a walk before / after.

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    1. re: sgordon

      thank you!
      I just tried to get into go!
      I had all 4 of the Indian restaurants written down but would love to know your first choice!
      So thurs and Friday are set..just planning sat and Sunday!
      Thank you

      1. re: carpis12

        You might consider the tasting menu at SD-26. We were there last night at the chef's table. Incredible meal....incredible interaction with the chefs!! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

        1. re: sockster

          sockster, Glad to hear you had a terrific meal at SD-26. Our last time there was quite a while ago (been several times), so another visit is on our agenda. The food has always been excellent. Good to know they're still on their game.

        2. re: carpis12


          Re: Indian restaurants. Our experiences at Tamarind date back many, many years, so there's no use my commenting on the quality of the food. We always had excellent meals at Devi. However, we have not been there since Chef Hemant Mathur left to open Tulsi. We've been to Tulsi once, and Hemant's food was stellar, just as it was at Devi. We've been to Junoon several times, and everything we've had there has been delicious. Either Tulsi or Junoon would be a great choice, but if I had to pick one, it would be Tulsi. If you go, Hemant's signature tandoor-grilled lamb chops are not to be missed.

          Tulsi photos:

          Junoon photos:

          1. re: RGR

            Rgr thanks..I have reseravation now at tulsi
            On Sunday night river cafe or masfarmhouse..still open to suggestions after 911 memorial visit..
            Took out Scarpetta
            Lunch on Friday del pasto!

            1. re: carpis12

              I'm glad you've decided to go to Tulsi.

              After visiting the memorial, you might want to consider going to North End Grill, which recently opened. Delicious food, excellent wine list, first-rate service (no surprise since it's a Danny Meyer restaurant), and very nice ambiance.

              North End Grill photos:


              1. re: RGR

                Thanks for all the help
                Any info on river cafe or mas farmhouse?

                1. re: carpis12

                  Never been to either. If you do a search for Mas Farmhouse on this board, I'm sure you'll find reports from Hounds who've been there. You probably know that the River Cafe has a spectacular view of the Manhattan skyline. Since it's in Brooklyn, to find reports about the food, do a search on the Outer Boroughs board.


                2. re: RGR

                  I just looked at your photos for north end grill
                  The food you pictured is ALL my hubbies favorites
                  Especially the sticky toffee pudding
                  North end grill
                  vs mas farmhouse vs river cafe vs Babbo ( if I can get in )

                  1. re: carpis12

                    Four very different restaurants to be sure. Decision, decisions....

                    We have not been to Babbo, and that's on purpose. I refuse to do the telephone tango required to get a reservation. But even were that not the case, friends who have been there tell me (a) the music played would turn me off, and (b) the overall noise level is very high.

                    Btw, I adore sticky toffee pudding and never pass up an opportunity to order it. North End's version is superb!


          2. re: sgordon

            sgordon: good call on the Del Posto lunch. Access to the High Line? Brilliant.

            1. re: steve h.

              Not sure how you knew it but the High Line was on my list !! Thanks!

              1. re: carpis12

                Spotted Pig for a late-lunch burger (after 2 p.m.) is pretty good, too. I sit at the bar.

                1. re: steve h.

                  Thinking of the river cafe too!? For Sunday night..we are visiting 911 memorial ...that evening..thanks for all the help!

          3. I agree with board on Indian, love Tulsi...the lamb chops rock

            Great hotel and location btw. Boulud in the hotel is great, as is Marea, but very different.

            Many of your meals are quite formal, for an Italian dinner I would consider Osetria Morini (same exec chef as Marea).

            Lunch, love Spotted Pig. An old classic bistro if you have not been is Baltazar in Soho



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            1. re: VinoEd

              Vino Ed
              First time to NYC so I am probably going a little
              Crazy in my choices
              We only eat like this when we travel to big cities!
              Normal food is grilled chicken vegies and salad!
              Keeping emg( my birthday) and tulsi( for my hubbie)
              Very open to everything else!
              Love an occasional celebrity siteing and great
              All I want for an Italian meal is a simple green salad
              And a wondeful pasta with meat sauce!

              1. re: VinoEd

                Ps should I really try for Babbo on Sunday night?