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Mar 23, 2012 11:39 AM

Trader Joe's Spanakopita

Trader Joe's 12pk Spanakopita only has a KD on the box but the company informed me that it is certified by Rabbi Yisroel Kelemer.
I called him and it was confirmed.
Not sure why the Company doesn't use his symbol on the box.

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  1. Do you know if it tastes good or not?

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    1. Hard to beat Costco's Spanakopita on price or quality.

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        1. re: laura10952

          costco carries one that is kosher b ut its not the housebrand

          1. re: laura10952

            The Costco one is tablet-K certified.

        2. I've asked people about Rabbi Kelemer, since I had never heard of him and I live in LA, and nobody I asked knew anything about him.

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          1. re: ganeden

            The Rav I ask kashrut questions of does not recommend this hashgacha.

            1. re: queenscook

              we should really refrain from making comments that an unnamed rabbi for undisclosed reasons disapproves of a certifier.

              1. re: meateater

                No one is stopping you from eating it. (For what it's worth, the OU doesn't recommend it either.)

          2. If your rabbi says no on the spanakopita, TJ's also has a great Spinach Pie by the Fillo Factory (it's O-U). It's amazing!

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            1. re: PotatoPuff

              Does it have feta cheese? I can't stand the stuff!

              1. re: queenscook

                Indeed it does. If there's no feta, it ain't spanakopita.

                1. re: ferret

                  As you can see, I'm no expert on spanakopita . . . probably because I generally avoid Greek food, since it often has feta cheese.

              2. re: PotatoPuff

                BJ's has a number of great looking items by Fillo Factory - all OU! It's so tempting to buy them, but it would be insanity in my present pre-Pesach psychosis.

                1. re: helou

                  Feta from Israel is delicious!
                  It does NOT stay on the shelf, since it is creamy and not salty
                  Last year, Cosco had passover feta from Israel and it did not taste the same and was salty

                  1. re: laura10952

                    The Pastures of Eden brand (Tnuva) from Trader Joe (I believe it's still around) is OU-P year-around.

                  2. re: helou

                    the bjs quiches were very eh, i wouldnt buy them again, they were really underseasoned