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Mar 23, 2012 10:32 AM

Friday afternoon drinks on a patio - Vancouver

Hi there,

Since it's such a gorgeously sunny Friday and we have the day off, my husband and I would like to find a nice patio to sit on,have a couple beers, and pretend that it's summer :) Any suggestions?


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  1. If it's drinks only: Cardero's in Coal Harbour, Granville Island options: Bridges or Dockside, even the CFDs on English Bay (Boathouse, Milestones)

    1. What about the new Cactus Club on English Bay? The view looks pretty spectacular.

      1. now it's Saturday - but a great question you asked above ...

        does the westin bayshore have outdoor? not sure. haven't been in years - but would be handy if one is out with mixed age group (ie kids to seniors)

        for easy budget - no alcohol - suitable for all ages incl four-leg friends (outside the restaurant jurisdiction, of course) the newish (isn't it?) starbucks on the east side of the westin bayshore is very quiet, no traffic, pretty views, easy to walk/bike location, close to stanley park - it's on the seawalk/bike ride path.

        1. I just wanted to report that we just had a surprisingly excellent meal at Monk McQueens on Saturday evening. In the past I've been less than impressed by the food but we still go because of the wonderful view. However, on Saturday our food was wonderful and the service was impeccable (they asked if I wanted oil and vinegar instead of butter with the bread after I mentioned a dairy allergy; my husband dropped his napkin at one point without noticing and only realized when a new one appeared by his side, etc).
          It's back on the list, especially as the sunny days grow more frequent.

          1. A few others -
            Right by Monk's is The Wicklow Pub - great patio!
            Lift in Coal Harbour
            The Reef on Main st. gets some good sun and people watching
            The Galley Patio and Grill at Jericho - beach front patio

            Or being dicreet - plastic cups and your choice of beverage at any beach

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              "Or being dicreet - plastic cups and your choice of beverage at any beach"
              behold: The travel cup :) Got me through many many years of taking the kids to the water park :)