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Mar 23, 2012 10:24 AM

Cozy spot for 10 - Brooklyn - decent food & will let us keep the table for hours


my british hubby and i and a bunch of our pals - some expats and some visiting from london - will be rendezvousing in brooklyn on saturday, april 14. we've not seen each other for ages and will need a lot of time for catching up. we like good food and everyone in the group can drink like a fish. looking for somewhere comfy, where we can be ourselves (read: a teensy bit boisterous) and not feel as though we are bothering anyone. i'd appreciate any ideas. thanks a bunch.


p.s. we'll spend and we'll tip well. money isn't a big deal. just want something comfy.

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  1. Maybe somebody on this board will know of something, but I don't know a decent restaurant that will allow you to keep a table for hours on a Saturday (unless you're going at an off-time like the afternoon).

    Have you guys considered a bar like The Gate in Park Slope? I've been there for a few parties and we've camped out for a while. They also allow you to order food in via delivery.

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      I'd recommend Buschenschank in Carroll Gardens. They have large tables - it's kind of like a beer hall but with lots of food. I'm sure you could park yourselves there for a few hours without diffculty.

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        thanks guys. we got a reservation at frankie's and will go to a bar afterwards. both your suggestions look great, but i'm thinking buschenschank might fit our bill for sunday afternoon imbibing, which will definitely be happening!