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Mar 23, 2012 09:28 AM

Graduation Dinner

Hi L.A. Chowhounders,
I've been searching your boards for a good place to take our son for his graduation dinner in May. So far, I've looked at the Palm in West Hollywood, the Fig in the Fairmont in Santa Monica and Animal. My son is a meat eater, but I am a vegetarian. We have a grandparent and other son who love seafood. My spouse and I live in Northern Ca. so we're used to great farm to table cuisine. Our budget is in the $50/pp range without drinks. In the past we've also enjoyed Akasha and Spago. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

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  1. You should consider Hatfield's as one place to do this at:

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    1. re: Servorg

      Rustic Canyon should fit your needs,
      Definitely, farm to table. Food is great and should be within your budget.

      1. re: maudies5

        When my son was a vegetarian Rustic Canyon was perfect for everyone. Large selection of both meat and vegetarian small plates. Wonderful food. Make sure you try their fried cauliflower.
        I am a big fan of Fig at The Fairmount too.

        Also Scarpetta Beverly Hills offers a vegetarian menu at all times. Their CREAMY POLENTA fricassee of truffled mushrooms is wonderful. Highly recommended.

    2. Really like Sotto on the South end of Beverly Hills.

      1. In addition to Hatfield's, I would also suggest Scarpetta, Playa and Mezze.

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          Thanks all,

          Looks like some good options. I'll check out their menus this weekend and let you know where we end up.

        2. LOVE, love, love, FIG.
          aside for the terrific food, they will also validate your parking for 3 free hours.
          fwiw, they offer one of the best cheese selections in town--normally over 25 top flight cheeses from which to select. also, for the vegetarian in your party, they serve a good vegetable curry.
          their bread comes to you directly from the oven.

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          1. re: westsidegal

            Yum, Fig looks like the top choice right now but still doing my due dilligence to research them all. Most of us would be happy at any of these places but I am worried about the grandparents. If the place is really trendy or they don't recognize most of what is on the menu they will get cranky (or crankier) so we need to find a happy compromise.

            1. re: goodeater

              My mother is in her nineties and she loves both Fig and Rustic Canyon. (a bit noisy at Rustic Canyon after 7:30 so we eat earlier) Great food at both. Great Deal is "Fig at 5" special, it offers their entire menu at 50% off if you eat early 5-6 pm Tuesday-Saturday.

              1. re: wienermobile

                although the Fig at Five promotion is offered most of the time, it is not offered all the time. if you are set on taking advantage of this promotion, confirm that it will be in effect on the day of your reservation.
                also, only the items ORDERED before six will be included in the promotion.

              2. re: goodeater

                <<cranky (or crankier) >> Hilarious.
                I think your price range will rule out some of the suggestions you have gotten here (notably Hatfield's and Scarpetta -- neither of which are worth their huge price-tag anyway, IMHO). Lot's of other good choices tho. Thanks for the laugh.

            2. We are also looking for a gradaution spot--it's going to be a Saturday night, and we would dearly love to do this on a budget--$50 per person, including alcohol (but not big drinkers) for 12 -14 folks. Downtown to Mid-Wilshire, and a range of palates -- foodies to plain-foodies. The foodies can compromise. Not sure about the plain-foodies. Doesn't have to be particular glamourous (can't be on this budget) but should be festive. Thoughts?