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Mar 23, 2012 08:56 AM

Baltimore or DC Restaraunt Seder?

Looking for a place that is doing a Seder on April 6 in Baltimore or DC. 4 adults

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  1. Dino off conneticut ave in Cleveland park is owned by Dean Gold who is Jewish and always has a seder for Passover. starting on April 6.

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      Partner and I did a mixed Hanukkah and Feast of the 7 Fish dinner last December. The Christians won that epic battle but latkes with black truffle was very good indeed.

      We will be spending Easter brunch doing pork and Passover at Dino this year. The Jew is planning on pork, pork and dessert; the boyfriend is going to have his first gefilte fish.

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        Note that Dino doesn't really have a Seder - they have a special Italian/Jewish menu for the week, and will let you hold a table long enough to do your own Seder (BYOH - bring your own haggadah), but it isn't a Seder event.

        Better off looking in the DC and Baltimore Jewish newspapers to see who is doing a community seder. For example, my congregation is doing one, but on the 14th.

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          I highly recommend Dino of Jewish holidays. I had my Kol Nidre dinner there a few years ago and the food was excellent. His matzo ball soup is out of this world....kicks my Mom's butt!