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Mar 23, 2012 08:44 AM


Hi Chowhounds,

My husband and I are from Toronto and are going to be visiting Washington in June. We are staying at the Grand Hyatt and looking for recommendations for restaurants. We favour healthy (not necessarily vegetarian) and ethnic food and would prefer inexpensive places (hole-in-the-walls are fine!). What do you recommend?


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  1. Will you have a car? Are you willing to take the Metro? Should recommendations be within walking distance of your hotel?

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    1. re: woodleyparkhound

      No car, but we are happy to take long walks.

    2. DC is known for its Ethiopian Restaurants--Etete, Zeds, Ethioptic to name a few
      Busboys and Poets for fresh healthy inexpensive
      Pho DC for cheap and healthy vietnamese noodle soup which is a meal in a bowl

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        1. re: dining with doc

          > SundeVich is an awesome sandwich shop about six blocks from the Grand Hyatt, well worth the walk.

          > Mayur Kabab is a very good Pakistani place with a nice lunch buffet (Friday is the best day IMO). Of course this may not be much of a diversion for Torontonians (sp?) such as yourselves.

          > Franklin Square, near your hotel, is a mecca for food trucks during the week which can offer some of the best reasonably priced ethnic food around. The lines are pretty indicative of which ones are the best.

          > Oyamel is a fun mexican small plates place by Jose Andres. Not cheap, but really fun!

          1. re: msr3017

            Awesome, thanks! We've never done the food cart thing, maybe we'll give it a try. Are they around in the evening? During the days my husband is going to be at a conference (while I go exploring).

            Another question: Is there a lunch place anyone might recommend near the Holocaust museum?

            1. re: Spindoctor_Canuck

              Souwester is right nearby, but isn't very cheap, but very good. It is Southern.

              1. re: Spindoctor_Canuck

                not much around the Holocaust Museum - mostly trucks but since you seem interested in the trucks, (and this goes for anywhere in town) well there are trucks and then there are trucks. if they're also selling caps and t-shirts and offer hotdogs, pizza and eggrolls - AVOID them. or plan on an evening of cable TV and broth.

                the Ethiopian does need to be checked out as it's different (better) than anywhere else in North America, search this board for the fistfights over which is best, pick one and you'll probably be very happy.

                given how international Toronto is I hesitate recommending food of the Asian sub-continent, but for a splurge meal do consider Rasika (haute Indian) it's just indescribable.

                1. re: Spindoctor_Canuck

                  Word of advice. Eat lunch before going to the Holocaust Museum. Afterwards, you aren't going to feel like eating.

              2. re: dining with doc

                Pho DC CHEAP? Hah! I would hardly call 13.95 for a bowl of pho "cheap". You'd do better elsewhere for pho, believe me.

                (I'm also a bit perturbed by the fact that their bathrooms are just NASTY, but the details, I shall spare you those. In case you're eating.)

                1. re: Cathalain

                  Pho DC is probably $3-$4/bowl more than other places in the suburbs, but it's not IN the suburbs, it's in downtown DC. There are few places you can get dinner downtown under $15.