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Mar 23, 2012 08:33 AM

New Bern restaurant recommendations?

I don't think anyone has posted about this since early last summer, so I'll ask for 2012! Does anyone have any restaurant recommendations in New Bern these days? BF and I are running away for a quick overnight, and in need of a nicer dinner and any old place for lunch. Last year's favorite appeared to be Persimmons. Is it still? Are there other places we should consider? Thanks!

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  1. Here's a few.

    Moore's Old Tyme BBQ @ 3621 Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., Blvd., New Bern, NC. 252 - 638 - 3937.
    Persimmon's Restaurant @ 300 East Front Street, New Bern, NC 252 - 514 - 0033.
    Sea Glass Cafe and Bakery @ 2600 Dr M L King Jr Boulevard, New Bern, NC 252 - 634 - 2327.
    247 Craven St. Restaurant @ 247 Craven Street, New Bern, NC 252 - 635 - 1879.

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    1. re: Littleman

      Persimmons chef, Jerry Fong, has left. Last time I ate there, the food was not great, too salty, tough meat.
      247 is stll good.
      Morgan's on Craven St is good.
      Bakers Kitchen on Middle street is good.
      Lawson's Landing at the History Center is very good for lunch and check the days they serve dinner.
      capt. Ratty's on Middle St is consistently good.
      Then on MLK blvd, there's Panera, Chipotle, Buffalo Hot wings, Annabelles, IHOP, Applebees...

      1. re: sugar96

        Thanks for the heads up about Persimmon. Honestly, I was never crazy about the food even while he was there (lunch/brunch experiences only). It's a great location/space. Hope someone with talent steps in. 247 has been our go to spot in New Bern.