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Mar 23, 2012 08:22 AM

Wonderful, flawless meal at Daniel

Last Friday had a wonderful meal at Daniel. GF and I opted for the 6 course tasting (hers veg, mine not) with wine pairings. It was, to date, the best meal we've had at Daniel (and for us, that's saying something). The service was firing on all cylinders, everything was nicely paced, wine pours were more than generous with several being topped off through the course. The plating was beautiful, and the food was outstanding. The courses were so perfectly composed and segued wonderfully from one to the next. A truly wonderful evening.

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  1. Thanks for the review Spiritchaser. We have a reservation there is about 3 weeks time (also at EMP, Le Bernadine, Torrisi etc on other nights). I was a bit worried about Daniele based on some of the more negative reviews but yours gives me faith. Approx how long did the dinner take and approx what $ did the bill come to? Cheers

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      The meal was about 4 hours, we had before dinner drinks, the 6 course tasting with wine pairings, we added a cheese course, so with a good (well deserved tip) it was jusr south of a grand.