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Mar 23, 2012 08:04 AM

Midtown Sushi Lunch Recs?

What are your opinions on who offers the best quality/price for sushi at lunch in midtown? Willing to spend up to say $25 for the lunch special. Or a bit more if there's something amazing.

I go often to Aburiya and I think their lunch deal is great. But obviously no sushi.

Came up with Sushiden and Shimizu as possibilities from this board. Are those the best for lunch? Which of the two? Anywhere else?

Thanks for the help.

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  1. I like Sushiden's sushi better than Shimizu in general, though I've never ordered their lunch special before. I think they have a <$25 sushi platter too.

    You might also want to look up Hatsuhana. I've never been, but it may be good too.

    Sushi of Gari 46 is also in Midtown. Don't know if they have a lunch special, but can't hurt to give them a call and ask. I've only been there once for dinner and enjoyed it very much.

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      On Tuesday I had a great lunch at SushiAnn. Omakase with Kakizawa-san. Didn't see the bill though, so don't know taste: value ratio.

      1. Kurumazushi has a 18 dollar sushi lunch set that is pretty decent.

        1. I enjoyed a reasonably-priced set lunch at Wajima recently. I no longer remember exactly what I ordered, but there was some sushi. I think they may also have straight sushi lunches. Best to call first if this is crucial to you. I realize that East 61st also may not count as midtown but I wanted to bring this place to your attention anyway, just for future reference. I wasn't familiar with Aburiya; their set lunch looks like an amazing deal!