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Mar 23, 2012 07:51 AM

Ideas for Sheep Milk Ricotta?

I procured a small tub of wonderful fresh sheep milk ricotta and am wondering what your favorite ideas are for using it. Googling has produced serving it with toast (either drizzled with extra virgin olive oil and herbs or honey and ctirus zest).

I was considering making a small batch of fresh pasta and tossing in the ricotta with fresh herbs and olive oil....but maybe the heat will kill off some of the nuanced flavor?

Thanks in advance for any suggestions!

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  1. For me there are few greater food joys then sheeps milk ricotta on the best quality toasted bread u can find, sea salt, light drizzle of honey, and lots of the best olive oil you can find.

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      Oh nice! I didn't think to put both olive oil and honey on in the same serving...I can give it a shot! Thank you...

    2. That pasta will be good. Just turn the heat off before you add it. You just don't want it to cook too much. Just warm it through.

      Similarly, if you can get some good vegetables for roasting like parsnips and carrots, you can roast them with olive oil and little balsamic, allow them to cook most of the way and then toss with the ricotta and some more olive oil. Enjoy and please report back!

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        I'll see what the root vegetable situation is like at the makes me sad when I see tired parsnips and hairy carrots languishing in the produce bin. The ricotta deserves better. :)

      2. chop some locatano kale and saute it with shallot, red fresno chile, lemon zest, currants and a touch of vinegar to finish. Cool to room temp. get some ciabatta, and grill with olive oil and sea salt, add a decent amount of sheep milk ricotta and top with kale.

        1. Thanks so much for your ideas, everyone....

          I have a confession to make. I had such lofty ideas about making these beautiful dishes. The truth is, the ricotta nearly disappeared between tastings offered from the tub- it was so utterly delicious straight up!

          One small pile was drizzled in extra virgin olive oil warmed with a little lemon peel and a smashed garlic clove, and showered with chopped basil and a sprinkle of Maldon sea salt. The other little mound was topped with orange zest and a drizzle of buckwheat honey. Both were gone in barely a blink. I swiped a little of both in a bite- yep, it was a great combination of sweet and savory and salty all at once.

          The kale and roasted vegetables were served later in the evening....the ricotta turned out to be the quick starter for a wonderful meal that was prepared and served over the course of the evening.

          Thanks you so much for generously sharing your ideas- I hope to assemble the complete dishes in the future!