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Mar 23, 2012 07:07 AM

Do you recall your first Chowhound post?

I remember that the first "discussion" I got into was with Davwud, and it was about an onion chopper gadget. I said it was a real handy gadget, and he said he could chop a whole onion much more quickly. Merriment ensued. Now Davwud and I have met in person, shared some good beer and crabs, met each other's spouse, and communicate on FB (waiting for him on the Pin, heh heh).

Now, please tell us about your recollection.

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  1. I'm pretty sure it was this one.

    IIRC the argument I made wasn't I could chop an onion quicker. It was that if I'm already cutting something, by the time I pull out the "Slap chop", break the onion down small enough to fit, chop it, then clean the gadget I'm just as well off with my knife. One less thing to wash and store.


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    1. re: Davwud

      Wait a minute -- your first post was in 2006 and it took over five years for a reply???

      1. re: CindyJ

        Try posting for a recommendation in BF Idaho and see how many replies you get.

        Also, I know better now how to get posts replies.


    2. Yup! I loved all of the input & there wasn't too much snark. As a sensitive soul I appreciated that. :-)

      1. I'm certain it was a request for help, not a suggestion! Probably was this one (my handle used to be "Sony" before the ownership change....) I had no idea what Pickapeppa sauce was, but I sure knew ways to use up the bottle with all the great suggestions I got!

        That's the lovely thing about Chowhound- it's made me willing to stretch outside of my comfort zone. I'm more apt to pick up some random ingredient knowing that I've got such great online advisors. :)

        (Also, it cracks me up to see that the thread from 2003 was revived just last year- I missed it!)

        1. Ha, fun post, alkapal! Pretty sure mine was the introduction of Bonnie's Buffalo Chicken Dip in '04?? may have been '03.....boy, did I "hang back" before ever posting ANYthing on CH...LOL! Oh, fine, now I need to go back and see if I can actually find my first post. (^_^)

            This might be it or close to it still avail from my post list. Not a fancy pants thread by any means but looking at it now reminds me how much I miss CH's long gone. Texas Toast was one of my CH favorites....among many no longer hanging around here...

            I didn't keep track of any posts (favorites) when I first got here.