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Mar 23, 2012 06:24 AM

Help! Need a decent diner, deli, or cafe near the Hutchinson River Parkway for lunch today!

Hello all,
Meeting a friend today from out of town who is traveling to CT. We have an hour window to have lunch as he passes through Westchester. Need a recommendation for a place right off the Hutch from Pelham to Harrison. Thanks.

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  1. Fairway Market in Pelham is right off the Hutch, and they have a nice cafe in the middle of the store. Plenty of parking is a plus, too.

    847 Pelham Parkway
    Pelham Manor, NY

    Going southbound it's Exit 7 from the Hutch; the exit might have another number northbound (I live far enough away from there that my knowledge of the Hutch isn't sharp).

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      Thanks for your reply. I do know this Fairway, and the food is good, it's just not what we had in mind.

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        Well, so far it's the only suggestion :) Perhaps someone who lives in the area knows of something else. If you take the Mamaroneck Ave. exit toward White Plains, and stay on Mamaroneck Ave. for a couple miles (including taking the left fork when the right fork goes to Bloomindale Rd), you can eat at the wonderful MELT at 277 Mamaroneck Ave. in White Plains. It's a bit of a detour but the food is delicious, and today's weather would make it nice to eat outside.

    2. I was going to suggest Lola's tea room, but they have moved
      There are many places on 5th avenue, you could just park and walk and look at menus
      DeCicco Market has a few tables outside, you could order and take out
      Pelham Pizzeria 113 5th avenue surprisingly good food
      Bistro Rollin, not the best food but not terrible and you could sit outside as well

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        You are also very close to Elia Taverna a pretty easy on/off

        Elia Taverna would be my pick
        New Rochelle Rd Exit

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          Thank you all for replying. We ended up going to the Saxon Woods Grill at the public golf course. The food was what you would expect (only sandwiches and simple grill items as the kitchen is under renovation for the start the season), but it was easy off easy on the Hutch for them, and we sat at plastic tables outside overlooking the golf course on this great day. They serve drinks, so I would recommend it for a sunset visit as well if you're not bothered by golfers.