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Mar 23, 2012 06:18 AM

Toronto Wedding Caterer

Who is the best out of these wedding caterers (i.e. the group of catering companies that seem to control every venue space in the city)?

- 10tation

- Daniel and Daniel

- Marigolds and Onions

- Presidential Gourmet

- enville

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  1. I'm actually looking for food that tastes more like restaurant food rather than banquet wedding food.

    1. I've worked with Daniel et Daniel and 10tations. Both were excellent for food but I was really pleased with the service and the food from 10tations. I worked with Rebecca there and she was really good.

      1. I've work with all but Presidential and 10tation is my fav for food and service these days.

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          JennaBean - I got quotes from 10tation, D&D and Marigolds and Onions. However Marigolds provided a more competitive quote relative to the other two. Is there a stark difference between the food and service?

          1. re: foieGoodness

            In my experience they would be third on the list. They were better when I first started using them back around 95 and I first got into the event planning business but for the last five years or so they have lost their shine for me and have become a wee bit boring in my opinion. Still good quality food but nothing that will make you say wow.

            How drastic is difference on the price point per person if you don't mind disclosing?

            1. re: JennaBean

              Marigolds gave me a price of ~$142 all-in for 3-course meal, hor d'oeurves, non-alcoholic beverages package, late night, rentals - tax included.

              The other two are around the same price pp (DD higher than 10tation) for about the same thing but it's definitely more expensive. That's why I wanted to know whether the food/service really make a difference. In the case of a wedding where the costs build up...the price difference does matter unfortunately.

              On the other hand, I'm also looking into an O&B venue, which with venue costs combined in costs the least. Has anyone tried the O&B catering?

              1. re: foieGoodness


                Just wondering who you decided on in the end... I'm currently debating between M&O and 10tation, but am experiencing similar price sensitivity.

        2. The original comment has been removed